Thursday, 30 August 2012

‘Fugitive’ IT specialist sought for defrauding DoL’s Compensation Fund arrested

This morning I was bombarded with bbms and whatsapps with a long story about an acquaintance's arrest. Being me, all I could say was 'tjooooooooo' followed by a clap each time. I quickly went on google and entered his name and booooy are there hits about his arrest. He is labelled an 'IT Specialist', 'IT Boffin' and worse 'Fugitive'. *stops for another tjooooo and clap once moment*

I know Kenny. He's a fun loving, God fearing son of Venda. I am shocked by these stories. Its on most news sites in SA and also on several government websites, including the Labour site. For R1.2M it seems quite excessive. Eiiishh. I feel scared, umm...shocked, ashamed even that such is happening so close to home. Most of the friends that I am chatting to about this are feeling so sorry for him and saying these things happen everyday and people steal bigger monies and are left alone. That is such a sad truth. I get where they're coming from, lots of people in government defraud the government of billions each year and are never convicted. The sad thing is such people like Kenny that did it with such a minimal amount will be used to make an example. Of course the law needs to take its course...fraud is fraud is fraud. I just wish they put as much spotlight on it for the other monies that are being stolen. (is this how friends and family of other arrested people feel?regardless of the crime?)
My friend is more sad about this and says she sorta understands him as one never knows how they'd react if they were in that situation.

My mom has worked for the bank all my life. She always used to say "The stupidest mistake anyone in a bank can do is steal money'. Any money that goes electronically can be traced back. All the time. An IT Boffin would recognise that.

I happen to know how it feels to be in a position where you can syphon money to yourself.
I worked in the bank for a while and as I have mentioned before, was quite sharp with the system. At one point we had customers who's new cards were not working. I investigated what the issue could be for almost a week and finally found that the card numbers, cvv's and expiry dates on the file that was sent to emboss the cards was misaligned. That meant all the cards that were embossed on that day were incorrect. I was thrown into a very delicate process with IT Security to rectify the file. So for a few days I had a text file with thousands of Platinum card numbers, cvv's and expiry dates. I was broke and from what I know about bank systems, if I copied the contents of that document out and used those cards, it would be very hard to trace those transactions back to me. That thought did cross my mind, I'm human.
I had always been exposed to customers' very sensitive information where I worked. However, I am also aware that stealing is wrong and I would be caught out anyway. As people in the workplace, we will always be exposed to sensitive things that can line our pockets just don't do it. You do not stick your hand in that cookie jar china. Like you don't steal my lipgloss, don't steal money....ok...if you have to, make sure its hard cash, electronic cash?pshhh, you WILL be caught and it is very your family, your friends and people who were counting on you to be at their funerals. Like...if I die now will Kenny make it to my funeral? Will he be released? Are they gonna make an example of 'clamping down on corruption' by Kenny? For R1.2M...tjoooooo.
So what happens if he's acquitted? Do they remove his name from all these websites they have smeared his name all over? And isn't he innocent til he's proven guilty? Why isn't anyone mentioning 'alleged' in all these articles?
Tjooootjoootjoooooooo!*claps once*
I hope for the best for Kenny's sake...maybe a suspended sentence y'know...he's probably a 1st time offender.

Ben Schoeman, if you're reading this...everyone was already talking about it. I am giving my opinion on it on a public platform cos I have a public platform to ramble on.

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