Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Is my dress too short?

What is 'too short' for work.
As I walked in to work today, I saw a size 6-8ish woman walking in with the coolest pants! They are tailored shorts that sit just below the knee. She wore them with a satiny top with a pussybow. The pants sat almost like boyfriend jeans would from the waist down. The look was finished of with the strappiest of daintiest heels. Stunning!!! I was so chufffed with this look it got me thinking...what is 'too short' for work.

Fortunately, I got 3 examples to work with even before I hit the lifts.
First it was the woman in shorts. Then there's me. I'm wearing a black dress that sits just above the knee. It was when I was asking myself whether my dress is riskily short that I saw another woman walking in in a mini dress. She wore it with black opaque tights thereby toning down the shortness of the dress and making it work appropriate.

I then concluded for me, work appropriate length is anything that's just above the knee...remember the 4 finger rule from high school? Maybe make it 3 fingers...or 2 for the office...even if you have hot legs. When there's too much skin exposed above the knee and again below the knee (cos that's how it will be looked at)...its a bit too much skin shown than necessary for the office. The rest can be worn with stockings, opaques or for the adventurous...netted stockings...umm..maybe... What do you think?

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