Friday, 24 August 2012

Can the faulty 1Time plane crash already!

Living in Cape Town I have to fly a lot to go see Renda. When I buy my own tickets, I use 1Time as its cheap yet comfortable enough and with proper legroom. Shoo, do you even know how squashed one is in a Mango or Kulula flight? With my long legs, I almost have to fold me in half just so i assume a position similar to that of sitting.

So now 1Time has all these issues with this broken plane that they insist on flying still. As I'm booking tickets for Renda and Mom's visit, I first checked 1Time, their prices are just +- R100 more that Kulula and Mango...I lie...Kulula is delussional these days. They think they're fancy and are rivalling SAA prices. pshhhh! For what??? They don't even have the Trevor Noah voice thingies anymore so they can go fly (see what I did?teeeheeheee)

So now I'm thinking, when is that 1Time plane gonna crash? I think it must just crash already so I can continue using the airline. Its not like all their planes are broken mos. So since they insist on keeping their boeng in the sky till it crashes, they must just do it already. Its really disturbing to have to book my mom and son on Mango...they have a spaza shop for goodness sake. I don't want Renda to get the wrong idea of things...To him, a spaza shop is Ha Mothofela- our local zinc/garage-thingy-spaza. That could or could not be a confusing incident for a child...I don't wanna take chances.

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  1. Oh dearie me,having a broken aircraft?That is looking for trouble.....Why can't they just get rid of the plane then,instead of putting all passengers' lives at risk eish! If you have an unroadworthy car and the traffic officers stop you....there is a fine to pay....How come nothing is being done about the 1time broken planes?