Saturday, 25 August 2012

Give Chris Mahlangu a Bells and sit down!

Eugene Terreblanche was the leader of the AWB party that terrorised, killed and hated black people and anyone who didn't support his cause with a passion. This is what I knew about him from all the television and radio reports when I was growing up. His name was synonymous with The Devil. My parents didn't scare me by telling me about monsters or wat-wats under my bed. There was a real monster out there. Well,such feelings don't just evaporate...his name still brought terror to me and he still hated black people. I doubt he bothered to join the masses that suddenly overnight in '94 became non-racist. Mxm, those ones need to teach me how its done.

 So 17 years into our democracy, he was still living in freedom with his wife and kids on 'his' farm nogal. Somehow our new democratic justice system didn't see a need to make him pay,perhaps by doing time in prison for his evils. He did a short stint for hitting a petrol attendant a couple of years ago.*claps once*
Now that someone has gone and exited-in-a-fitting-manner that monster, its a big deal.  Supposedly it was in self-defense and wage issues. Whatever it was about, he did what many have always wished to do but had no guts. The reasons? A lot of people had very legit reasons. So I guess now that Chris Mahlangu slayed the monster, in my Venda fairytale, he is the hero...Prince Not-So-Charming. Actually why not-so-charming vele? Cos he doesn't have blonde hair and blue eyes? He's charming!!! someone!LOL.
Chris Mahlangu got a life sentence for killing Eugene Terreblache? Is this country insane? I in no way am promoting murder or this instance its frigging Terreblanche maan. Chris Mahlangu should be given a Bells and sent to a psychologist to get help for his trauma. Then perhaps a proper job even.Even white people who recognise the evils of that man probably clapped once when they saw cops running up and down 'bringing to justice' a man who relieved many hearts by getting rid of one of the stalwarts of apartheid.
 Maybe he went to court and wasn't found guilty of all those crimes he did in the past, I don't know. I think he did faaar worse than the Boeremag 20 that have all been found guilty and will probably face very long sentences. Instead, he was left alone to continue abusing people and paying them minimum wages.

How is it that a man who did so many evils was supposed to die peacefully in his sleep? Aarrgghhh!That's BS! The man died in an embarrasing, brutal, ugly, much publicised way...the same way he liked to see black people die. I almost compared him to a pig...then remembered I really like bacon.

Speaking of Chris Mahlangu, is he normal(upstairs)? He grins and smiles at the cameras like he's auditioning for some reality show and needs to look his jolliest. Maybe his time on that farm caused brain disturbances in him...shem skepsel. Or maybe those are Hero tendencies - ala Chris Mahlangu style...
Anyway, I don't think its fair for anyone to be given a life sentence for killing Eugene Terreblanche. If he was in prison he wouldn't have been killed anyway. To me, he didn't deserve our new constitution's protection. He probably didn't even respect it. Now that he's dead, its coming to his defense. Why black people like to have selective amnesia? Why we like to make white people comfortable at our expense? Let Chris Mahlangu go! Eeehhh!

(I'm listening to Jason Mraz - Life is beautiful as I write this. He says "Life goes full circle" very true. This is a perfect very scared mean people.)
Alalalala life is wonder-ful, alalala, life goes full circle alalalaaaaaaaa!

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