Sunday, 26 August 2012


The first thing I should do is pray actually...I'll start with that next time. Next I pay ALL my bills. I mean, every single one. Whether its R100 a friend lent me the day before payday for that extra push, my flights, electricity-alles. Some people conveniently 'forget'. I don't get how one can 'forget' an amount that at some point that month was sooo 'important'. Y'know that day you called asking me to pleeeeeasee deposit R44? yeah, pay that R44 back ON TIME. How am I gonna send you R440 if you so easily dismiss my R44? No amount is too little to be dismissed. As important as it was to you the day you sweated and typed and retyped a text to me asking for it, be as committed to giving it back as you were in asking for it. No one has a budget for you and you not paying people back before they ask for the money back is you abusing your friends. Yep. Abuse. Cos now THEY must sweat and type and retype texts to ask for it. If you can't pay back...let the person know. Besides, there shouldn't even be an 'if you can't scenario'.The people who lent you any money should immediately go right up to your list of priorities. Those are people who inconvenienced themselves for you. You better pay back, even if it now 'inconvenieces' you.
Anyway, after the bills...I go shopping!!!!!
Yes, its silly and I should probably slow down but YOU KNOW I'm gonna get at least on new outfit changer...a lil shoe here, a skirt, a belt...y'know, summin lil that can change a few things in my wardrobe to look completely new....speaking of wardrobe...I think I should start that side of the mall today. I haven't bought belts and such in a while. AAAAND I ordered a House of Dereon dresssss!!!!
I luuurve payday. When I worked at the bank, the 1st system I mastered was the payment system. It had nothing to do with me so much but I found where our link was and boy, if I was on callout on the run for the 20th, people knew they'd get an sms from me the minute the job completed. We're paaaiiid!!! Ok, I love payday *blush*
Is this like the Chronicles of an Underpaid Office slave? Oh well, I LOVE it!!!

Oh, and I
 always sing the payday song. It goes:
Happy Payday to me
Happy Payday to me
Happy Payday to meeeheee
Ha-ppy Payday to me!!!
(sing with the birthday song tune)

Its tough living from paycheck to paycheck. I manage though. I'm blessed to have a paycheck and God knows I appreciate it.
PS. Standard answer: I'm broke.

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