Monday, 27 August 2012

My good hair is out to play :)

I took my braids off this weekend and got my hair washed. Funny how on Saturday morning as I sat undoing the almost 100 000 single braids off my head Chris Rock's Good Hair was on. So, I decided to be 'revolutionary' and not chemically stretch my hair(yet). I had to drag myself from the comfort of the weave. Isn't it strange when one finds comfort in the artificial?
After the wash and blow dry at the salon, my hair looked amazing and manageable and oh-so-'African'...well, for all of about half an hour. This hair is hard to deal with. Yes, the hair God gave me needs an extra hour daily to properly dry and comb it so it doesn't look like two chickens had used my head to do the 'what came 1st' experiment. I think the obsession with weaves is more in their convenience really.
As you can imagine, white people are ohh so happy for me. (yes, they are). My friend says its not the hair that excites them, its the transformation...the change that one has when they change their hair...understandable I think. I still think we need to show our white friends our hair once in a while. Imagine they have to go to Zambia to feel a black girls hair. We also did the 'pen test'(all of us) and shem I failed dismally. Tjooo, poor pen couldn't even go in, let alone fall off. 
I think Lira's hair is easier to maintain as its shorter. So now I'm unsure whether to weave or to chemically change my hair running the risk of burning my scalp and getting bald spots as Chris Rock discovered. My friend got a gorgeous mane of European hair and it looks soooo tempting. I mean, no need to dedicate half her day to combing hair, can sleep with or without a used stocking on her head and probably no need to go check if the little bun at the back has turned into a peacock-tail-lookalike in the 5minutes since she combed it. (Yeah, that's what I'm going thru)
Any ideas on what I can do with this hair before I do the 'unrevolutionary' thing by using my money to save me time and stress of getting my hair to stay the same way it is when I turn away fro the mirror?
Straightback, cheesekop, german cut, not singles-I'm almost 'over-singled'...umm what else? Help friends.

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