Friday, 2 November 2012

Do you let people go thru your phone?

My best friends know almost everything that's happening in my life, and me them. As women, we talk about the phone call from the optometrist about my lenses being ready for pickup, the text from the ex asking about a cd he hasn't missed in 8 months and so on. With all that I know that has gone through my friends' phones, I still don't go through it myself, and neither do they mine. I won't flip to the next photo after the one she just showed me, if I mistakenly do, I'll flip back and give the phone back.

Its not a rule ever said or anything...its just, a phone has become so private...I don't think even women with dildos want to keep them as discreet as we have grown to do with our phones. I mean...there's the screen-munch of your ex's wife you screen munched a while ago. You don't hate her nor want him was just nice to see her fashhole moment...y'know. You'd probably have deleted it already if you'd done a cleanup recently...then there's the other screen munch, this time of a picture one of your gay friends put up as an avator on bbm a while ago...a raunchy one...a very raunchy one *hides*

Don't even talk about videos! Eeeehhh.... *LMAO*
I give myself morality issues about the kinda videos I keep on my phone...goodness,I have a BIBLE in there! So that keeps me *clears throat* "safe" in that department.

Smartphones are fun, interesting, isolating-but who cares!!! Its the way things are! Instant Messaging, Google, YouTube,Twitter,Blogger,Downloads-You gotta love it!
I want a Samsum Galaxy S3!!!

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