Friday, 2 November 2012


Everyone has lost money on a planned event or trip or something that was prepaid and then an unexpexted glitch at the end cancels the pre-arranged and paid for thing. Missed flights, cancelled holidays cos of family emergencies...y'know. Being one who lived on impulse for most of my life, scenarios that cause me to miss out on planned stuff and hence lost money are so many I hate even thinking about them.

Right now I've planned a party for my son. The place has been booked and I had 2 options of how to get the kids to the party place without bothering the parent's Saturday plans. Both my options are nulled now cos of unseen circumstances. My friend also can't come along so I'm in this alone. Thank goodness for sisters, our default friends! She rallied up some of her peeps and is sorting out the transport. I have agreed to hiring a minibus taxi at a cost I had not budgeted for to transport the kids. Still cool and composed.
My friend raised the question of 'accidents'...I replied that such is out of my control and definately not part of my plans. They happen. In minibus taxis and in Mercedes Benz's. Its an unforseen event like any other.

I also found out my son's school has a sport's day on the same day further cancelling out 3 other kids that my son really loves from his extra special party. That's another unforseen...its life.

Like Outkast said- You can plan a pretty picnic but you can't predict the weather. I'm learning to just do my best and hope it turns out good. Stressing doesn't change what is.
Still, I smile. Hope is awesome and I cannot wait for tomorrow!!!

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