Thursday, 1 November 2012

Am I single 'by choice'.

I get that question a lot. Often,its not from people I'd deem potential partners or anyone who's conducting any survey on single-by-choice people. Its just people nje, asking. Cos there are no stupid questions as my teacher used to say. When some ask, I assume I hear an underlying scorn in the,let's hear what she says to this direct genius question. Ay-yai-yai *shaking my head*

Well, do people go into relationships 'by choice'? Love isn't a choice, it finds you, or you find it and you KNOW. Its not a choice between Maanda and Nkosi. If I'm that to a potential partner...made to feel like I was the chosen one,I won, between her and I he picked me...naaah...not for me. I don't compete in such matters. The person should know he wants to try things out with ME. So its not so much a 'choice'.

'Choice'? I'd choose Ashton Kutcher with dark pigmentation, a Bill Gates bank account with promises of sex like R Kelly makes; add in a dollop of mushiness from any Hugh Grant movie and that's my order ma'am. That's if I had a 'choice'. Sadly, (realistically too),this is highly unlikely to happen.

So no, I am not single by 'choice'. I am single cos I haven't met one who makes it worth it to have lovers quarrels and blotchy eyes. Neither will I be in a relationship by 'choice'. Even if he lacks the bank account, mushiness and sex drive mentioned-when we connect, I'll go in and we'll try it out.
Apparently I don't date cos of P-R-I-D-E. that supposed to be a bad thing? Why should I date out of shame lovey? Just so I can orgasm in a different way mostly I'd suppose...if at all actually.
Dating the wrong person is dangerous for one like me. I love too much, to hard, too fast. The pain usually last waaay longer than the silly togetherness time. Eeehhh..

When it will be glorious. If it doesn't happen before I die, I'll have had a couple of years of learning to make myself happy on earth its not so bad.Events in life have taught me to not stress about such things. Everything is alright, and as it should be-to me.

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