Saturday, 1 September 2012

Don't do stupid things!!!

What that title means is...don't do things that don't make sense. Like drinking and driving. Or texting while you're driving.
Like, why are you doing it?
Don't you know it increases your chances of being in an accident by 23.2? And dying?
Don't you care about the people left behind? What must they say? They must cry and miss you?arrrghhh maan.
If its your day to die,you'll die anyway right. So...don't give stress to people now to know you were poep dronk when you got behind that wheel, but never be able to say it...bury it within them that they KNOW you were not concentrating on driving cos you were texting. Just DON'T do it. So, we can speak well of you and not sin by lying saying the other guy was wrong. Y'know. Its just silly. You're mos not a child. You make your own rules in your life. You're an adult. You decide what you want and people like me, shouldn't tell you what to do. Fair enough. I get that. I must mind my own crap...true *tjooo,don't be mean hawu*
But I'm still askin 'why are you doing that?
You know it increases your chances of getting into an accident by 23 ask...why are you doing it??' Its just stupid and silly and irritating cos it affects the rest of us after you're gone. 'Because I can, nyecos I can'-why is a smart person like you, showing their smartness by doing something even Renda knows is stupid? Where's the logic in that 'Your Honour'?
Talking about getting poep dronk... can someone please tell me why a person over 25 still does it? I don't get it...really...I'm not tryin to be snaaks or anything. have a coupla drinks, your niiiice neh...ummm...why do you continue? You know its gonna go downhill from there. Why do you want people to have to deal with a drunk you? You want to be entertainment? People must talk and laugh and point at you and says 'hehehehehe, this one can drink yooo'? Is that your mission? And then you say Chino you think you are better? You? Who drinks and gets drunk and acts stupid? hahahahahahhaha!tjooooo!okkkkaaayy. So vele you want to still stand there and tell me you drink 48 beers at a go? Is that an achievement of sorts? Should I now give you a crown for the amount of abuse you can give your body that God so beautifully made...yaaa neeh. You are an adult, 'because I can' is not a mature response shem It shows you are unable to account in an adult manner the crap you know you are up to when other adults innocently ask. You don't like these adults that ask such. You want those ones who commend behaviour that you yourself KNOW is inappropriate. Which is why you don't do it when you mother is around. Eheee.
You embarrass the people that raised you, no one else. Or its that thing of self punishment I talked about before? Forgive yourself lovey, its ok. We can all start over. Whenever you feel you're ready to take that 1st step towards respecting yourself it. :)

Don't do stupid things.

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