Thursday, 15 November 2012

Be allergic to bad thoughts

Evil intentions, thoughts or wishes make you an evil person my dear friend. So the words we would use to describe you would fall in the category of 'witch' or 'muloi'...y'know. 
The devil doesn't come to earth and do his dirty works. He was long ago banished from earth mos, so he channels thru the inhabitants of earth to do his work, ie, us humans.
You think a witch will be flying on a broom at night or take the form of a bat? Naaah.

Apparently there's lotsa witchcraft Limpopo side. I don't believe in such so when my foot hurts, I go to the doctor or release my feet from the grip of too tight shoes. They say a muloi doesn't get nothing from witching you, just nje the sadistic pleasure of seeing someone hurt. That's a very disturbed way of finding pleasure jo. How messed up would one's life have to be to get to a point of deriving pleasure from some one else's pain? 

There's a woman I know that tries her best to hurt anyone who seems happy. She speaks of people behind their backs. Stabs the one she just spoke to and on and on she goes (clad in horrendousity by the way). Me, the other people we know mutually-ALL have been bashed by this lonely soul. Shem. That to me is what witch does. Try tarnish others.

I woke up in a sweat last night after thinking ugly thoughts about this beastly woman. I called my mother in a panic cos I know its evil and its kota-to loying. Yep, me having a thought of using another child of God as an ashtray is wrong and evil. We prayed about it. You know mos thinking is is same as doing it...ishh

How does one avoid loying others by thoughts? I think being conscious of impure thoughts is a start...and when you do have an ugly thought, don't enjoy it for too long. Ask God to remove such ugliness from your prerry head neh lovey. There is no justification for thinking ugly for others, no matter how horrible they are. 
Phela we don't just jump onto other people's wavelengths. Sometimes we stand aside and watch idiots unsuccessfully try to bring our spirits down. They'll get tired shem. And come back.*hahahahahahaahaa* 
You watch, clap once and move on. Just because someone does things AT you don't mean you should join their mzabalazo. Let them be miserable by them-self.
Did you woke up happy? Then stick to your happy mood til YOU decide to be sour, not til a permanently sour person comes and performs loya-like things in front of you.

I have spoken people! Let us go out there and be fab-fab-fabulouuuss!

*Loying is Pottering other children.

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