Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I am grateful to have a job.

I'm grateful for having a JOB.I couldn't do a lot of the things that I do without it. Of course I get mad sometimes, wanna just go and leave it all, feel down and out, feel things may be unfair...but I have a job. Something millions of South Africans pray for on a daily basis. Of course there are those who sit back and expect it to just fall on their laps, but there are those who apply daily, pray without ceasing and still don't have a breakthru.
I am blessed to have my job.
I am grateful for the God fearing people I have around me. I work amongst people who know and love Jesus. I never thought about it before but having that similar basis to each of our days is truly a blessing. A buffer of sorts that serves as peace ground when there are disagreements. I am aware that this isn’t so in a lot of places given the diversity of our country. Being placed here was by grace.

I sometimes forget to be grateful for this place. That is silly and irresponsible. I do not have a business or a way to make an income if not for Sanlam. They are the only people who deposit any money in my account. I even tell the beggars on the street this when they ask me for money. I plead with them to not ask me for money. I also have a child. I’m a single parent who has to do it all herself. No one gives me money, the only people who do, I have to be up for at 4:40am so I can do my stuff then get to them on time so I can have some money. I’d rather the person asked me how they can help me. I am one of those people who take the risk of allowing people off the street to come and clean the yard instead of just giving them my hard earned money.

Right now, this is where I need to be learning the things thatI am learning. Sanlam has for the past year and a half provided me with enough. I did nothing to deserve this, it is by grace.

God is good to me, still.

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