Friday, 17 August 2012

I job yi job.

With all complaints I have, there is one thing that I really need to be grateful for in my life. The people I meet are always on point perfect for where I am.
With all the internal turmoil i am going thru, I have to commend the people in my team at work. LOL. They're crazy -Yes, very. It wasnt always blissful. We went thru our teething stages when I came in.
I'm glad that they have manners too. I couldn't bear to come to work and feel left out...with all my dependency issues and all.
Would you believe people don't talk to me here at Sanlam...I'm talking about black people. This one guy once said, in the lift, that I'm a loner and don't talk to people. He said 'they' had noticed that I'm always alone and that I like to be that way. I don't understand how 'they' could come to a conclusion like that without ever having greeted me.
My team, on the one those crazy people that see my face fallen and bring up a topic they know I'll laugh at...or maybe I just like them too much I gotsa smile.
Well...since I'm so down after yesterday, I've decided to make a list that make me happy at Sanlam:

1. My salary
2. The chance to dress up errdaaayyy.
3. My team of looneys...the intelligent conversations that come from here...tjooooo *claps once* LOL
4. My work is new and interesting.
5. The stairs - its 190 steps to the 7th floor, so awesome exercise.
6. The fact that I have healthy meal options downstairs.
7. OMG!The gift shop (and you can buy for up to R300 on your Sanlam card....cooooollll)
8. Ok....oooh, and the fact that my gym is right opposite me.

I'm hoping to fill in  the rest by the end of 2012.

Ok, come back later and checkout my bipolarness of then. :p

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