Friday, 17 August 2012

I'm a stalker...its sooo exciting!teeheeeheee

Sooooo, I must tell you - I. Have. Developed. Stalker. Tendencies. *hides* teeheeeheheheeeheee
Okaay, so the other day I was seeing all these blog settings and stats trying to fix up the blog and all neh, then I saw there's a stats thing that shows what traffic is reading the blog and where its from... :D
Ok...its very interesting and scary how many people actually hit this blog...there's people all over the world(siriyasi)...but for now...I'd like to bask and celebrate the thought I have of someone I like reading my blog.
So you know when you are learning stalker tendencies and find that the stalkee might already have started stalking you? Ok, well...umm...what I'm saying is based mostly on wishing and hoping with a dash of maaayybe my wish has come true...Hoping to be stalked must be a brain related problem but for now, I will entertain this disturbing notion cos it makes me giggle so -ha-ha-hahahaaa
Well,  according to my stalker-findings, Surprise-Reader has felt the need to hit my page 8 times yesterday only. whooop whoop. The silliest things get me pop-popping like jelly beans I tell ya...but this isn't silly neh? This, my dear friends, is destiny.

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