Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Friendship awkwardity

I've had about 5 ideas on what to write since yesterday. I have been angry, apologetic, disgusted, insulted and meek all in the space of 3 hours. This was a result of a conversation I had with a friend. I had been asked if my friend was sick as she has gained a lot of weight and was compared to an animal I do not have the heart to find out the english name of.
So, me I start nicely by asking my friend if she has started exercising. She told me she hasn't, when I asked whether she is eating right, she replied that she is eating as she always has. These were all direct, curt and honest responses.
This conversation quickly became about me trying to say her life is crap and me not having a degree. Tjooo, serious. Maybe she is as concerned with my education as I was about her health. I tried to clarify this but when she pushed, I honestly told her if I were her height and weight, I'd commit suicide. That goes for if my HIV results come back positive too. 9-9. I don't even need no one to make me feel better about such.

Anyway, I realised in this conversation that what one may consider important for them, others may not see as that important. As much as I frown upon marriage, many,many people will never see my outlook. I guess that goes for weight loss too.
Its like my favourite animal is a tiger...someone might prefer Solly-the hippo.y'know... A tiger is lean, sexy, fast,gorgeous fur (like my hair) and confident...a hippo...well, short, stubbly, no nice fur...eeeuwww...and it dies when its being helped...kwaaaaa. Different strokes, different folks. I really should work on not enforcing my ideas on others, no matter how brilliant and life-saving they are.

I prayed and asked God to show me how to speak nicer to people. Especially to this particular friend. I asked Him to change me cos I don't think she is a paranoid person in general. Most people I talk to take my words as they are, cos they are not paranoid that I may have any underlying agendas. Now and then I might have to clarify myself, not with this friend,eeehhh. Tata says ndo mu kanda khonsi (I stepped on her achilles) and I shouldn't stress.

I have no point, just wanted to finally get this conversation outta me before opening way for more positive stuff.

You know in the village boys would get sent to get mealie-meal? I think the biggest sack is 80kg. I always imagine myself as that sack...uri, is it fair to expect a man to roll me around mara? Its abuse shem. Its just a random thought.
Here's another random thought (LOL)...mmm...is it possible to be soooo fat that someone fears if they nudge them they will ROLL over? hahahahahhahahah! I clap, I clap! This was another concerning statement that I have heard recently from a friend about someone they saw at some office park in Joburg.

In other news, go get you magnifying glasses cos me is fadin awaaaaayyy!

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