Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sharing my wisdom with you shem.

When trying to lose weight,sustenance doesn't have to be 'nice'. I should face it, I've probably had a few more hotwings than my sista Ngona in my life. So,obviously I'm bigger. That and all the genetic stuff.Eish.Biology.*my head hurts*
Ok. So, naturally,when I'm trying to lose weight...well,I shouldn't have cupcakes or hotwings or anything that I probably had an overdose of leading to the fat-trap.
 Ever since I got on this journey...I've become,kinda...snobbish?ummm...critical(well,ok-always)...nooo...more CONCERNED about other overweight people. Yes, there's big and beautiful. Like...ummm...well...I dunno,but there is..ok,umm...but the people I look up to love themselves soo much,they look after their bodies. I don't have to be tiny to be healthy. Like Katie Boyd. Katie is a fitness trainer and she aint tiny. She has her own show even. So yeah. Its about loving yourself enough to fix past mistakes and be prepared to present yourself as the best you everyday. You never know, it might be your last. Then you'll just go at your worst.*that would really...neh?*
Ok. So I must just be strong and deal with this crap diet I'm on. It and the vigorous exercise schedule. Til I reach my goal.
I'm not trashing gorgeous big sistahs like myself...I'm just talking to those that...y'know...would like that big thigh tighter...umm..yeah, like I want.

Guys too. In this information age, being unfit after 25 is just a pre-90s mentality. Why are you not trying to be healthy? That thing of preferances I guess, some of you like Chris Brown, others Rick Ross...there's me assuming everyone wants what I want again. Mara at least I'm wanting good things for you neh? How gorgeous would it be if both men and women took a bit more care of themselves going into their 30s. A generation of healthy people that are nice enough to themselves to be the best self they can be. Its only fair. You know a nice thick toned thigh? Or do you want a skinny toned thigh? Those should be the only two choices. Flab...tjooo...eeeehhhh...haai,nooo.

Its not like I'm encouraging sitting on couches stuffing yer face watching reality tv. It all boils down to, why don't you feel you deserve to present your best self?What did you ever do to yourself?:( You and you must have a lil chat after reading this neh).

Like, what if one day you have to like rrrun for your life or something that God gave everyone the capability to do? And the health problems. As I near 30, I think of such. Its kinda very important and I'm so sorry me for the very delayed reaction,I was distracted. Phew, that feels good.
Where was I...oh..Katie...really? No.I'm done. Nooo, the ugly food I'm eatting. I eat for sustenance so I can exercise. All other reasons for eating are null and void to me.

My stomach wants to go to the fridge and I say Noooo-nooo-nooo!
It has learned quite a few songs lately, my tummy. Another one is 'The food I know I deserve' I have a response for this one though 'You're in denial babyyy, you're in deniallll' Hawu thatha Donald!

PS. This note is from a friend I recruited on my journey. The 1st thing I asked her to do was educate herself on her body, what she wants and prepare her mind. It gives me butterlies to see that she has become the teacher now :) I am a sensei!wheeeeeeeeeee!

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