Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My brain has left my head...HELP

I don't know what to write stru. A few things have come up but they bored me after the 3rd sentence.
1. I wanted to write about my pet peeves of which chain mail tops the list...then I thought, wait, no idiot would bother reading a blog so I know ya'll already don't send people threatening emails or texts saying 'if you love Jesus you will do ...' I hate those ey. Like, do you think God stoops to levels of emotional blackmail? Sies you maan! Another one is holding on to escalator belts. eeeuwww...
Well, I stopped after the escalators. If people wanna grow grem-factories mos its their right?

2. I wanted to moan about my blackberry. I then realised regardless of whatever rant I have, I probably won't be changing phones anytime soon. Shoo, I can't afford to pay for internet -shurrup Thiofhi, that R350 per month you're gonna say...do you even know what I can get for R300?- So yeah, I dropped that one.

3. I wanted to speak of the spring fashions and how crwayzee I'm going of the birdie prints and the nicely done neons. Oh, and mint green! I could marry mint green right now. I didn't go on with this one cos it depressed me to write about clothes when I won't be buying any for the many-est of months. Yes, many-est is a word.(The pic on the side is so Ilze...chick won't quit I swear)

4. Then I wanted to talk about maternity leave and the unfairness of it. I mean, you get 4 full months of paid leave dude! For YOUR own baby that stays at your house. I think employers should look into implementing a 'Self-Finding' leave for all women in the workplace so we all rotate this leave. I mean, unless I fall pregnant, I'm never gonna get that time off. So what if I never wanna be pregnant but feel unfaired by the whole policy?
I dropped this one too. Cos it bores me.

See, I write stuff that I wanna go back and read...so when something bores me I can only imagine the yawns it would give to you.
You know, I thought this morning, my blog is on 'silent'. Silence is good sometimes y'know. There's so much noise in our lives these days. IMs, radio/tv always on, phone calls, people coming in and out. Do you make time for silence? I try and do that daily. When I get home I leave my cell downstairs then go upstairs and chill by my window and smoke. Well...then I go back down and put the radio on. I should try some more...I think God would also be easier heard in silence neh?
Do you have something you'd like me to talk about perhaps?
I am alive.

I'm also very irritable today. Cos I have a vacuum in my head. Cos I fight the people I love and fight like a retard so I feel really retarded today. mmm. You know, sometimes my behaviour closely resembles that I seem to associate with girls who have daddy issues. hmmm...well, its life, some people have daddy issues, some people don't.
Lemme find ya'll a nice picture.


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