Sunday, 9 September 2012

Just like Animal Farm

I read Animal Farm in Grade 10. My teacher,Ma'am Carolyn was excellent! She explained that book in the bestest way and I LOVED it! I just read a newspaper headline asking why there were only black people killed at Marikana. Animal Farm came to mind.
South Africa is a very 'democratic' country (mxm). Very like Animal Farm. All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. Some animals will just never be at the bottom. All the animals on this farm know it.

At this moment, this line makes my heart bleed :( Its so us.

While carrying Renda in 2006 I had to go for an interview in Joburg. Both me and my Indian friend were called in on the same day. My boyfriend had volunteered to take me. My friend needed a lift so I said we'd pick her up. We left Sunnyside to pick her up in Centurion on time. We got so lost in the suburbs and started fighting cos he wouldn't go into the garage for goodness sake!!!A dom is a dom is a dom shem. He then decided he wasn't taking us no more. Tjooooooo...I was so distraught. I called my friend and told her, she said she'd call the interviewers and tell them she has transport issues.*ehhhhh!interview??*
I asked my mom what I should do. She said GO! You see, black people don't have 'transport issues'. We make a plan dude. I had never been in a Joburg taxi before and Joburg city scared me. My mom (bless her) immediately sent money for me to use a maxi taxi. I wasn't gonna pay R300 to go to Joburg when I could pay R20 shoo. I asked my boyfriend to drop me off at the Joburg taxis in Pretoria. So I took a black taxi to Joburg, arranged for a friend to meet me with a maxi taxi where I would get off and got to my interview. My Indian friend did manage to get another date for the interview.
You see, I believe that 'transport' excuse is very understandable, even to me, coming from a non-black. Serious. I thought if I gave that excuse they'd just say 'haaa,this one is not serious'...probably y'know. When a non-black has car issues, that's a perfectly reasonable excuse for not making it to work. Happens all the time. Why they don't use taxis?

The other time, there was no water in the Northern Burbs of Joburg. Most of the white people lived there. No mlungu from there came to work. Two Northern burbs people came thru. My mentor, who had had to introduce her coconut kids to a waskom and another woman who decided to shower at the gym. She was 'in love' with the system this one. Madly.
Lol. A lil time after being hired, me and my Indian friend were on course in Randburg neh. Twas Friday, raining HARD, freeeezing too. We finished at 11am, the transport the bank organised was coming at 17:00.Tjooo!At 13:00 the venue had to send us outside cos they were closing. 'I'm preggies,its, I'm taking a taxi.' My friend begged me to stay with her. Me:'Tjooooo!'  Then she said ok, let's taki a taxi to Joburg so I leave her in the office, then I'll take a taxi to Pretoria. 'Ummmm...why would I do that lovey?' teeeheeeheeee(FREE ENTERTAINMENT IN MZANSI!!). I said let's go. She acts like a barbie doll...but a barbie doll standing in the rain aint pretty mami. So I stop a passing taxi and go in. She follows. I had never been to Randburg taxi rank either jo. So we get there, go into a taxi. Pay. As we're sitting there, she's holding her cheap plastic handbag so tightly to her...I'm like...lovey,you're scaring everybody here.*side eye* The taxi went some strange route and suddenly there's Laudium!!! She could see her street from where we were travelling! Her grin was as scary as the scowl she had worn the whole way! These people can surprise you jo. smh. She got off at a comfortable-for-her stop, and went home. :)

You see, in South Africa all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.
Jus sayin.

PS. I am aware of other places to use this 'all animals are equal line' in South Africa. I just wanted to use it in this angle at this time. And its nothing major. Just my outlook. From where I'm standing.

PPS. I just remembered something else, I've asked that we go to Mzoli's for work lunch. Everyone is very excited...for some, I 'understandably' had to reassure of safety. Last year we went to a restaurant with net white one reassured me. Mara South Africa whyyyyy????? 

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