Thursday, 13 September 2012

On being totally anal

As much as I am a very easy-going-all-is-rosy person-I can be very anal. In fact, there are things that I can be seriously pedantic about. They come up randomly and I just can't help it. They matter. Very much and I must voice it there and then.
Like my dislike for chain mail...I can never not bitch and yell about that-EVER.
A more recent addition is negative comments about my blog. Tjoooo, you'll get it hey. I need to control this one really. Embrace the opinions of others and not make everyone who has a negative opinion of what I write immediately of no importance to me. There are opinions that do not go with mine that are waaay more valid than mine; I should learn to embrace these.
I care where I sit in your cc on your email list. Aha, many of my friends have received a call after sending me a joke thinking we're gonna be laughing at the joke only to be met with my hostile interrogation of why my name came after whoever's name. Like, was I an after-thought? Are you MAD? I do not like being ignored. Like...hello, I'm giving you attention here, are you well???
I just don't like being listed I think. I don't wanna be packaged in your group of 'ex-girlfriends', 'church friends', 'friends not in the financial field'-as I was recently called. I am Chino. Me. Your friend. Not like any other and not in any group of friends. Maybe that's why I never did group friendships. I like giving and receiving individual attention.  I don't even send group mails.
Oh, I am wounded every time I see a toilet paper roll coming out the wrong way. Yes, to me, there is a right way and a wrong way to put toilet paper. It should come from the front. Yes, my bum recognises the difference.
I weep when I see ugly weaves. Like, why do you have it? WHY? Why does it look like a catholic priest's hat? Tell me!!!! Ok, it’s on your head-fine, why is it within MY eyesight? Why do you feel the need to (using your own money) scare the world. I'm an arsehole about people's biz ey.
I am like Hitler on bad service. I have little money, so when I do go out, it’s a treat. (well, and a pain too, I hate leaving my house) when I do go out and get bad service or worse, bad tasting food. OMG! I feel for the waiters so I give my free show to the manager. Well, recently it’s moved to emailing them. I do get embarrassed when I cause a scene ey. Very. Even though I pretend I don't. *hides*
Oh, I hate not having airtime. It’s like a suicide...but with no dying in sight...OMG! I'm certain I'd faint and be without air til I'm recharged.   
If we are going out in an hour and you don't remind me half an hour before time to get up and get ready, do not stress me and make me panic when I am getting ready. Do remember that unless I feel I'm ready, we are gonna stand there and talk about how late we are. I shall not leave before I'm done. This is me helping you exercise the art of Patience. You should see how well-trained Tata is. I could give him a lil star for all the manliness patience he exudes.

Everyone has their lil silly dislikes. It’s the people that embrace me with all this irritation that I love and truly appreciate. I'm still just Chino.
*shhhh,I'm melting awaaaay*

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