Friday, 14 September 2012

Today's dilemma

Its a sunny day in Cape Town and I'm wearing a pretty sleeveless dress. I was outside when I noticed a distraction in my line of sight. I quickly checked to see what had flapped so quickly before me scaring me so. There was nothing in sight. Its then that I noticed it was my own arm. My biceps or lack thereof is a HUGE piece of flesh that when flapped in a particular way blocks people's views and if flapped enough could give the person it hits a concussion. So I'm obsessing over my arms and hiding them with my scarf. My colleagues made it worse by suggesting I get 'clever' bells...that's supposed to be my version of dumbbells. Alas, this only confirmed to me that they also see the monstrosity of these (can I call them arms still)? I go to the gym every friggin day!! Why do I have arms like penguin flaps? OMG! Am I being preparerd for flying? *woooosaaaa*

So because I'm obsessing over the flaps, I fell down the stairs while going to the canteen with my uncle. The flaps did not protect me from the hard floor nor did they protect my ego. Come to think of it, all they did was shoooshh and make wind which probably made me fall harder...wind-aero-dynamics stuff. If I was in Venda the old ladies would have screamed 'eeeehhh, o bata nzie'...which directly translated means 'I have caught a locust'...eeehhhh...During the people ek se.
I asked Eduard to take a full picture and he said 'of which part of you? the top half or bottom half of your arm?' He also I'm brave for putting this picture up. Adding that my arm is perfect for my body...meaning, my body is a body that needs arms that are measnt for 3 different people. Wow. I figured...well, whether people see it or not won't change that its there...and its bugging me...What a Friday.

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