Monday, 17 September 2012

Never giving up!

Sometimes I wish I had started blogging on a totally anonymous tip.  That way, I could say everything I wanna say with no fear of what people will say. I don't really have a specific style of writing. When I started twas about my journey, then I wanted to do clothes, sometimes I roast people and sometimes even write about random general 'Being South African' conversations.

Talking about myself is the hardest. Its allowing people into my imperfections and this is very hard to do. I pride myself in being 'an open book'. I must say this wasn't very true before. There are pretences that I portrayed when interacting with people that I'm not so close to, and got away with. However, blogging is for everyone. Meaning, the people who know the truth and strangers. So here its being real or just leaving it.

Roasting silliness is fun! It always is. Cos mos the stuff I make fun of are probably the stuff I'm least prone to do. So here I'm on a pedestal and fluffing my feathers at 'how much I got it right' and how much the roastees still have to go before they aren't the butt of the joke. As much as its funny, sometimes it comes across as mean. Well, I do admit there are scenarios I could also put in a nicer light.

I wish I had more content on the general South African topics that hasn't been blogged about to dirth. The people of South Africa are actually a very literal people. We analyse our situation, mock it, discuss it seriously and everything else that can be done to a topic. Like the hair thing...or WW. Its awesome for all of us, however it challenges bloggers to dig deeper and have a new angle on the topic. Isn't that the whole point of it though? So we all get to see how a situation looks from his view, her view, my point, you angle? I think its awesome.

So I got published in News24. They say they vet the articles before publishing...I sent 4 posts at the same time and they published 3 leaving the Chris Mahlangu one out. So I guess someone does skim over the posts before publishing. People immediately POUNCED on me calling me desperate, illiterate what-what. Tjoooo. I was still coming over the shock of having being published when these attacks hit me. I have always received more praise than negative comments on stuff I write. However, this is the real world. These people don't care about hurting my feelings. They're giving their opinions on the posts.
I tried to blog yesterday but I couldn't type one sentence. I have poor sentence construction and have proper paragraphs. Wow. These are both true statements. I probably am not taki8ng this as seriously as I should if I'm gonna be putting it out for the world to see. I guess it would only benefit me to have a draft and stuff like proper essay writing. Well...I'll see.
I will not give up though. I've never had to fight for much in my life. I guess this is what all those motivational books speak of. Trying and trying till you get it right. I can let it go now, and always know I had 4 posts published on News24 with 95% negative remarks. Or I could get up, get better til I nail this thing. I love writing, that's enough for me to go on. I have my whole life ahead of me to get it. I will not give up.

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  1. That's the spirit ! This, afterall, is YOUR journey. Nobody said the road of self-discovery is going to be easy. On your way you'll learn lots about other people, but more importantly, you'll get to know yourself best of all. Mission accomplished! You recently wrote a post on being anal and pedantic, guess from this experience you've learned that 95% of people are more or less anal and pedantic about something... Keep up the good work and stay true to yourself, this is what makes your blog such a great read ! Looking forward to your next post.