Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hair dilemmas

I'm keeping my hair as virgin as possible now. I wanna unveil a new sizzling hott hairstyle when I'm done losing weight. Something like a Keri Hilson bob or summin.

Well, thing is, if I wanna use my own hair, I don't have much choice but to go with a bob. Victoria Beckham's bob is very edgy...but...one mistake with those shavers and I have a disaster on my head. Meagan Good's one is also dzaaamn hott...but that chick's just gorgeous...so one can't even know if its the hairstyle or the chick herself that's hot. Am I displaying lesbo tendencies? Oooppps. :)

Rihanna's cut is also very chic and looks easier to maintain. I'm not sure if Meagan and Keri have a clip in that hair. It looks like it has too much volume don't you thing? Wouldn't it be amazing to have that much volume? Janet Jackson also looks more realistic. I'm not sure whether I'll have to have the hair Brazilian blow-dryed. That's quiet expensive ey. But, what's the use of having amazing hair today and then the next day it goes all skripotty? nThe hairdresser I went to assured me that with proper maintenance the hairstyle will stay. Meaning I need to have it blow dryed and styled once a week. Okaaay...a schlepp...but I'll have hot hair all the time I guess.
Obviously I like J Hud's more!

I was lusting over long silky locks over the past few days. A niiice wavy dark brown mane of European hair with light brownish highlights would be amazing. I can curl it, straighten it...go wild...but then the picture of Naomi Campbell's hairline comes to mind. THAT is scary guys! I didn't know things could get that bad. Tjooooo!

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