Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Dear future great grand kids

I was thinking of the future generations this morning. Renda's grand kids and their kids. I believe they'll be living in a world so different from ours that they won't even begin to grasp how we lived. So this is me trying to let them know about me and how their ancestors (me) are.

So, hey great-grand-babies. I sure hope you aren't some mutant typa people...its ok if you are. Apparently scientists are working on some formula to create super-humans. I seriously doubt that will happen. Well...I bet my ancestors didn't believe they'd be able to carry their radio, camera, phone and computer in the palm of their hand.
We currently use Blackberries and the iPhone 5 has just been unveiled. Its supposedly the coolest gadget to own. Well, I can't afford one right now and the Blackberry is still serving me fine...when I'm not losing it. I am from the VhaVenda people originally from the furthest point of South Africa, Limpopo. Is it still there? Do you guys speak Tshivenda? You should make an effort to find out more about these wonderful people who's blood flows thru your veins. I do wonder if you're all mixed now...hmmm.
Anyway, ever heard of Beyonce? What's she said to be in your time? She is a singer, an amazing singer. Human. Not Illuminati or a goddess or nothing. A person./ Like me. No I didn't live next door to this very human being.
I am one who believes in Jesus Christ, so I fall under the Christian religion. Oprahism is NOT a religion. (http://jimbuchan.com/?p=83#comments)
Oprah is yet another human. An awesome African-American woman who started out as a talk show host and turned her show into a world-wide phenomenon with over 22million viewers. She managed to influence a lot of people through her philanthropic ways and empathetic nature. No, she was not related to Jesus Christ. I wonder if you guys will have a new bible by then. My goodness...it must be so different.
Have you guys heard of Julius Malema? If not...ok, if yes, don't believe everything people say. People do not like people that say things that make them uncomfortable. As much as I'm not necessarily a fan of his, I do also tend to say the truth with no timing. Like him.
I am on facebook(sorry) and twitter, although I don't tweet much. Wait, are you guys even interested in knowing about how we live? You should be, you'll probably have too much time on your hands. Well...that's both a good and a bad thing. Did they finally get that thing of barcoded people right? So its a cashless society with a tag on you that tells you when you're hungry and when to exercise. I'm asking all these questions cos I'm excited that you're reading this. (not ya'll reading in 2012)...will google exist in 3012? I do hope they do read this. That would be nice.
Ok. I'll write ya'll another time.
Really think about that learning TshiVenda thing ey.
PS. I watch too much Futurama too.

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