Thursday, 20 September 2012

Are all ancient africans going to roast in hell? Ayeye!

I love Jesus and I believe He is the son of God. I believe He did die and rose and is now sitting with the father. I do not believe He came to start an organised religion though. I dislike that His birthday was also moved to coincide with a pagan god's celebration. I have many many questions about the intentions for some of the books written in the bible. Creativity is a gift from God, can all my bazalwanes say 'Hameni'. :)
I love my bible and I read it as often as I can. I read it in The Message so it reads like a nice story. Well, it is stories in there isn't it. There's no book by God in the bible so its narratives by people that lived long ago. Great. The earliest books of the bible are said to have happened in the Mesopotamia region which is actually home to some of the world's first civilisations. Ancient Mesopotamia was located in a piece of The Fertile Crescent, in what is now southern Iraq.Most of us are probably aware that many Christian symbols, dates and practises were borrowed from the ancient pagan practises that were done by the people in that area at the time. These were incorporated mostly to accommodate the people in the new religion. Isn't it strange then that Christians are so snobbish to other religions and their symbolisms? Haike. Anyway. question today is these Romans...having pruned and edited the bible til it fit the way they felt was right to rule, do we trust THEM that much? Really? Zuma, Schabir and Glen Agliotti sit down., write some laws and then enforce them on us til we just go along...the future generations will mos also just follow suit. So they, mastered this book so much, fought amongst themselves (mostly about religion by the way) and then came here to bless us with the good word. Ok.
So they saved us.

So is that to say the people that were here in Africa were ALL heathens before the good word came in? That's a very disturbing thought ey. So in heaven, the oldest people will be European as they heard the gospel first? This gospel that has important events like the birth of Jesus in it, stories of Africa...they got it first. How? What did my ancestors worship before then? Are they automatically all heathen? There were practises done in Africa before the missionaries came. Children were born, people died and there were ceremonies for all these events. Why did God tell the Europeans about Himself before us?
Something doesn't add up.
I was always told not to questions things of God. I stopped. I have even stopped trying to find out who Cain, after killing Abel, went and mated with as there were only the 4 people in the world. However, this new question isn't questioning God.
Many many stories from the bible can be found in The Epic of Gilgamesh. This is supposedly one of the oldest works of literature.I understand someone can also write something today and say it was written in 1800. Mos its free to talk. I don't believe stories of people with clear agendas against my Beloved Jesus. God gave me an interest in reading and an inquisitive nature. I read and read and read. That's how I found The Epic of Gilgamesh.
This just further solidifies that most bible events happened in Africa first.
What was I saying?
1. My ancestors...are they all going to hell?
2. Why did the Europeans perfect this thing first? Its not like they had internet and unlimited flights booked to go do head hurts.

Does anyone know the answers?

PS. Notice how the people in the regions closest to Europe seem to have said 'Tsek, we don't want!' Heehehehehe!Tjaaaa!

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