Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Enjoy your life,YOLO

I've realized life DOES have ups and downs(almost literally). It's what its about. Hear me out...its an epiphany!

We're always being challenged, growing, learning to stay up and keep improving I think. Problems on a whole for most of us are quite similar; all on different scales as our lives situations do differ of course. But everyone always has their fair share.

I've learnt to acknowledge, as often as I can make myself not forget, that as one Chino, there are many different (dynamic/aspects) of Chino's life. Separate parts that together make me me.
There's spiritual me, my love for myself, my role in my family, the love department, my health, my career, money, friends, achieving personal milestones and goals... All important parts that make me uniquely me.

I'm seeing these parts as vials neh. A Spiritual vial, Love vial etc. When the vials are altogether at about 70% full, I'm...generally happy. There are times when I could be certain all the vials are spilling over,packed and I feel like my Life is at PEAK. A lovely delusion I like to indulge in for very short periods at a time...*lets hold on to that for a lil longer....* :)
Sometimes this may be because generally all aspects of my life(that I'm caring enough to take an honest look at) are in a good balance or I HAVE genuinely taken time to ensure I don't neglect one area while too focused on another that may overflow and spill over to the others so that distracted meee believes everything is 100s and I have THE purrfect life.
(I believe all these vials(and others that I may have missed) are important for me to have a fulfilled life).

Ok, sooner or later, the Chino-Admin always sees if there's a mishap...aaaahhh, so the spiritual vial is actually just 20% Spiritual Content and topped up with Love? Career too? OMW...hmmm...
Functions slow down...emergency lights flash all round, bubble *pops*

Getting all the vials at peak is almost impossible. Getting a balance is more what I'm trying to go for my fellow bubble-lovers (bubblies?).
Each will at one point or another go down,sooo low that I may by focusing on how low its gone,neglect the others and have them plummet as well. Then I have a real problem.

So I've decided, when I'm happy(with my awesome relationship with God, my flourishing new career, my purrfect boyfriend)...whatever it is...I shouldn't be scared to embrace it, enjoy it, shout it off rooftops if that's how I wish express my joy (there are those who choose to celebrate it on facebook and bbm). Its yours lovey! Feel it! Experience it!
Don't care what anyone will or is saying! Screw them! Celebrate the areas of your life that are getting blessed, its the right thing to do.

There's a big difference in celebrating and bragging. Its not up to the other person to decide, I myself know my heart and the intentions behind my ways of expressing it. That's what matters, it should never be to invoke envy. That's not nice, however, how someone features themself in it, one can control that y'knw. *Jay Z giggle*
(I do think bragging about it may jinx it and a vial or two could literally just BREAK cos of that...)

When the bubble pops...the only thing there is to do is get up, dust up, take time to reflect on all the areas of my life, get things going. It happens, bubbles pop for errbody. Its life. We change, we lose things to gain others. We go down to go up. A constant series of change. One will never appreciate the magnificance of a mountain top if they never went through a valley. (Two cliches bumpa2bumpa!)
That's what I think anyway. Enjoy your life, you might not have that blessing tomorrow.
At least that's what I think...right now.:)

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