Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tired of Facebook spammers?

I use Facebook to stay connected to friends and family that I don't get to see as often as I may have liked to. Its good to see pictures of my cousin's daughter's 1st ballet recital, hear about a friend's engagement, see a pictures of my friends having fun, even getting to know different sides of my friends as they share a song, a political view...things I may not known before.

There are those that use their democratically created pages to (advertise?endorse?) things that are of interest to them. For me, that's my blog. Every time I write a post, I post the link on Facebook. So if I ever wrote twenty posts in one day, MY timeline would have twenty posts with links to my blog. If on that day I had the urge to exercise my right to do as I wish on MY democratically created Facebook page by posting ALL those friggin twenty links in succession...umm...I'd be knowingly abusing the timelines of others who may have been nice enough to send me requests or accept my requests.
Clearly I won't have told them I intend to have them see MY friggin face everytime they click home, refresh, ANYTHING: Still MY posts biassshhh...they may scroll down for dayz it will STILL be ME pushing MY agenda cos its so cool and everyone MUST see it. At that time my dear friends, I urge you to freely refer to me as a tasteless dousche.

Should that time come, I have found a way out!!! You might perhaps not really wanna delete me. Cos maybe you like me, you just don't want to see links to my blog or my obsession with antique frames that I post like I'm possessed ALL DAY. I even go as far as throwing in guilt making ones pleading with you to donate to the preservation of these antique beauties as mang-mang is destroying them.
I've had a Facebook friend whose posts invoked ugly feelings of envy in me all the time. It happened and I couldn't control it. Sadly, I had to delete them...cos...envy's ugly and may make one y'know...think vile of other's blessings.

So when you're gatvol of such friend neh, here's a solution!!!

WARNING: I am about to tell you something SO sweet, you're gonna have to brush and floss after this! (That's better than the 'give you cavities' one neh)

Facebook has a 'Hide' button. You go on the mobile or pc site, go to my profile, and click 'Friends' the untick the 'show in newsfeed' option. We'll still be friends you just won't see my Facebook posts on your timeline. If you go to my profile, you will still see my posts and can say 'Hallooo' on my wall when you miss me. So its like a mute button. I can yap yap ALL I want, you don't see me! I think it is uber cool! Its the BEST! 'Hide'
Ke tla go khutisha nna wena! Hahahaahahahaahahaha!
There's also an option to only see 'important feeds' from a spammer...but...spammer and important...oxymoron I think.

So yeah! Go hide those muthahhhss!

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