Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Unknow List

My first login to Facebook yesterday had this status update:

Even after all this time, the sun never
says to the earth, 'You owe me.' Look
what happens with a love like that. It
lights the whole sky.

Wtf???This is depressing.OMG what???
relationship?the sun and the sky are a
lil different to ppl dnt u think?
Being a firm advocate for people’s own rights to their own democratically created Facebook pages, I know I should just read…maybe raise an eyebrow, but it shouldn't affect me. I always say I don’t allow other people to influence how I feel. This is not always possible I must admit. This post got me naar…I was like…wtf? The pressure of deepness has kicked in. Eish. Tata asked me where I know the guy from. The answer is…I don’t. After so many years of rejecting friendship requests from strangers I had decided that, well, I don’t advertise my life on Facebook, I blog…so it would be beneficial to add more friends…so they can see my new blog posts mos. So, this was actually the first acceptee of the Free-Access To Chino rule.

A non-demented friend with a brain then posted: “Never underestimate the power of association.” To which someone she associates with replied poetically “There is no better trueth than that” (sic); of course I died. LMAO.
That got me thinking about the people I do know. Look, I understand that there are probably people out there that don’t necessarily like me…maybe cos of my opinions or nje…like I don’t like that friend of Gugu’s I haven’t even met. Cos it’s my right mos. I must add that I don’t know anyone that doesn't like me….well, Tata’s ex doesn't like me and has never met me…that’s the only person I can think of now. However, I’m not thinking about the people that know me now. I wanna think about the people I know.

I know A LOT of people jo, I have literally HUNDREDS of pretty close friends.  What if one year I managed to take off and visit every single person I know…spend at least an hour with them..y’know, remember why I know them…why we hung in the first place. OK  not people that interviewed me for jobs or the lady at the till at Scala where I got my milk while at Milpark Mews. I’m talking people I ‘see’ only on Facebook and such platforms. I think spending time with my tertiary friend also got me thinking about this. Fortunately, I still enjoy her company like always and all is going well. I’m always scared these people you never see will be different and it will be awkward and such y’know…with the many changes I've had and their own growth, it wouldn't be surprising to find I don’t connect with people I used to connect with. So now I wanna tick people that I’d still wanna know and those I wanna put on the “Unknow List’ while waiting for God to send us technology to teach us to Unknow people…not amnesia…just amnesia specific people.

OK, I’d definitely Unknow EVERYONE who chainmails me first! It would be so much fun. Like a delete button, but in my head. Say I Unknow Tsubi, when I meet her in the mall, I won’t not like her…I’ll just…not know her. That would be cool neh? I’d Unknow people who have had more than three attempts at Deepness that I have unfortunately had to see and almost puke. I’d definitely Unknow ‘him’…you know who mos.
Gosh, I’d love to Unknow the person who was present when God planted my gorgeous son in me hey. Like, I just don’t know you bru. Teeeheehehehehe.
Alas, all this remains in my head. The Unknow phenomenon.

Who would you Unknow? Of course not me…you love me so much you are reading my blog so oviyas you don’t wanna Unknow me ;)

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