Friday, 14 December 2012

Ke December Boss!!!

Its December!!! To me, it spells exxxtra long days in Cape Town in which we pack in sunset watching, beach photo taking (cos we never swim in Cape Town-the water's freeezing), beach yoga followed by sunset cocktails at Caprice, dinner on Millionaires strip, that all lead to it being 2am a few minutes after my BB watch indicated it was 8PM! With the sun going down only at 8pm, I will chillll thinking the night is still young. Obviously my BlackBerry battery dies within the first hour of leaving the office and that doesn't really help the sensible me who wants to keep time and all that jazz y’know.  But hey, who needs a their phone on??? except those Facebook check-in monsters with incredible urges to update their loved ones of their whereabouts in case they get lost or whatever it is that compels them to display disturbing excitement levels over places some of us go to buy milk for breakfast...think Sandton City...V&A...its just a mall sweety.

Holiday makers are already in Cape Town so there's no difference in day and night for the next few weeks. Its all one continuous holiday. Unchofonately, that isn't so for those of us who still need to come to work every morning. Dude, just me getting here before 10am should be a congratulated event really. Gosh, I’m tired, I have shades on in the office…boss, please relax nyana toe. Literally, Ke Dezemba bossw. 
Logic should show you that this person is dedicated shem, I mean, I’m here, I look flustered and look like I need to sleep more, but I'M HERE. I think instead of explaining why I look spacey…I should just be handed some black coffee and left alone for the day…boss…relax neh. No one is dying. AND there's worse things than me getting here 20 minutes late, there's an actual WAR on in Iraq. 
We’re all very tired after a long year and we are winding down before the craziness on January starts. With me being in IT, its hectic,hectic,hectic in two weeks time. So this week…ishh boss…wait, I have a mantra for you neh "we love sunny days!" -repeat it til you smile.

With all that said, I know KDB for a lot of people means spending recklessly, buying stuff to impress people that shouldn't give a rat’s ass about other people’s stuff in the first place..all those things that I’m sure everyone is telling you to dirth around this time. Cos mos you don’t have a head and need to be told the oviyas. Mxm. Unless you are dom and living to prove points to others. Which, by the way, is sooo showing us your new perfume...lovey...WHY?...have you never bought perfume over R500 before? We die of your ghetto tendencies errdzay shem. As M1 says, you can't buy class...
 I don’t need to tell you about keeping yourself safe, you KNOW muggings are on the rise and that you should not drink and drive hawu.

 I think we have become wiser and are finding more responsible ways to celebrate the festive season…well, at least I have. Ever notice how the Ke DEZEMBA BOSS tone that starts out screamed in excitement around the 10th of December quickly changes to a ‘isshh, ke Desemba boss’; now spoken in a sullen, grim tone to indicate why you will only be offered water when you visit your friend to pick up the “parcel” he owes you…its tough. January is only two weeks away lovies, lets not behave like those we like to side eye and wish to Unknow neh.

My behaviour over this past two weeks has got me thinkin…we all need leave y’know. Get away, get some air. My single friend in Gauteng is also feeling this way. 
I know many relationships are tested at this time. Y’know…with time running away like it does and maybe one partner is out a bit more often than the other…eishh…then the other can scream for that time all one wants is peace and leave-alone-ability…maybe coffee lovey…relax. Being out of a relationship shows you how suffocating we can sometimes be to partners. A person can make another develop an Instant Irritation to themself y'know.

I think such couples could do well with considering relationship leave hle. As in, 'baby...go with your boys neh, and I'll go with my girls' typa leave. MARA, it always looks like there is always that one partner that wants to be like chappies and stick to 'their' person in this friggin heat. You know, you don't even spend so long with your own MOTHER jo. People that live together need space at times. Ngoho. 
Even sister BFFs who live together may take breaks and see other friends y’know. VIVA Leave! She’ll be back hunny…just…talk about something else besides my Dezemba indiscretions. Or do you...sumtin maan. You could even learn a new hobby if you aren’t into the festivities…just to keep yourself occupied so you don’t freak out on your partners amazing behaviour over this period. 

I guess that’s why other couples just decide to go away, change of scenery at least. Singing Esthero's Everyday is a holiday(with you) is all good and all...mara you mean you don’t get tired of staying with the same person ERRDAY-ERRDAY for 365 days? OMG! That’s almost mentally crippling…do you mean you love me that much? 365 days? Even my mom has never seen me for 365 days in a row hle. Boph' iphondo…re sharp…just…yah...
So we agree neh? Relaxing, breathing in and out nicely, chillexing...peace, laughter, don't stress about nuthin... do YOU cool buddy of nne. *blows kiss*

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