Saturday, 15 December 2012

There's a rat in my house!!!

So I had promised to take Tumi,my friend,to find a dress today.She arrived promptly at 9am as agreed and off we went to Dress Hunt. First, we went to some tjompie shoppie of mine that I find gorgeous treasures. It can get quite uniformy...not unlike 7th Avenue. I bought a few things and before going to Cavendish-the mall chosen for this hunt, I got a call from the detective working on my train accident case. They arrested 6 boys and needed a statement from me. So, we came home and waited for the detective while cooling down. It is a very hot day.

Suddenly Boipelo gave a (silent) scream...that me and Tumi somehow heard. She said a rat had just run into the house from the open kitchen door and was behind the washers. I am TERRIFIED of rats. They're black and beady eyes and furry and germ infested and just uurrgghhh!

There was once a stink outside about a year ago. I thought Louis, my chihuahua had dragged in another piece of meat as he is fond of bringing in the strangest things. Eventually,I found it was a dead rat at the back yard. It was torture! I closed the door and windows and stayed away from the front. It would have stayed that way had Dee not come and removed the lil shit.

I have a guy who comes to clean the garden and shed regularly just to make sure I don't harbour pests. My neighbour thou, seems to enjoy a lifestyle filled with dirt, pests,leaves,overgrown bushes and general disorder. That is what I see from the outside of her house. It had never bothered me til Tupac (the gardner...that's his name told me there are rats in the neighbours garden. Crap!That's where the other one had come from.

Ok...there's still a rat in the house. Right now.
We got back from the mall about an hour ago. Tumi and Boipelo have gone and I've been sitting on the couch since. I tip-toe ran to the stairs and went upstairs to put my shopping away...but...I need to eat...gosh

My neighbour is not home. I texted her and asked her to please clean her yard as its conducive to rat breeding. I am now waiting for her to come home and then come fetch the rat. Its only right that she removes it. Its either she has had enough practice removing them from her own house...or she really will miss it cos she maybe lives with her. I have absolutely no problem with how she chooses to live out her alloted days on earth; her pigsty just must' spill into my doll house. That sounds mean...but I'm saying it in the most literal way, I do treat my house like a doll house...and she...well...let's not mention the P word again. Muslims read my blog too.

I don't like other people's problems affecting me!Gosh! She must just come fetch this rat!
Is there a professional service that removes rats?...not the 'Boyfriend' one...I have a hard time using that one. A trap will still mean I see the bugger! *aaaarrrggghhhh*

I'm going out!
(Perfect excuse to wear my new 'when-i-move-you-move skirt)!

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