Friday, 28 December 2012

Louis is just a dog hle

God brings different people in our lives with a purpose,I believe. One such new encounter was with a dog lover of note, who showed me the love of a dog and helped me own a pure breed chihuahua that I named Louis Vuitton. I initially wanted to give him a 'black dog name'. These are the likes of Danger, Bobby, Tshamaato, Sibi,Kila...such names y'know. After seeing the 1st picture of the dog, Shandu asked me why I don't call him(it) that name of the bag I like...I was like,which bag???...of course, a Louis Vuitton! Sure enough, the lil bugger looks like a pure breed...expensive, lusted by many-just like an LV...why not? The name stuck.

I had never experienced a dog's love like I have with Louis. Well, my ex had 3 and I lived with him, however, I never attached myself to them although their relationship with him fascinated me. It was really special.
The only other encounters with dogs before that were those where you're going your merry way on the pavement, meet a white person with their 3 dogs running along them, and they sweetly say 'don't worry, he won't bite' or 'he's just trying to play', 'he likes you'. when the mutt is liking you. My ex, a proper West African man(yes,in ALL ways) also practised this irritating behaviour with precision.

Louis is excited to see me-ALWAYS. He feels danger before it comes to me and will protect me with his life...I think. He's a constant companion so I'm not so alone in the house. He's playful and gorgeous and snaaks-just the way I like it. My own son isn't as excited to see me as he is. He gets sad when I'm sad. Quiet when I ask him to. I love him, I love him, I miss him. He is MY dog, I walk him...and have been kindly asked to ask his owner if he's been chipped as dogs are getting lost in my side of town. Yes, this was by a helpful caucasian lady at the park. Its all good. Its what makes South Africa interesting mos.

I am an African who has a Long Coat Chihuahua called Louis Vuitton who only understands Tshivenda. I refused to take him for training cos I don't know any trainers that would train him in my language. Phela sometimes it gets tiring to speak English. I'd be forced to speak English even when I feel anti-twanging. Geez, it would be like living with a white boss at home.

Anyway, Jacob Zuma said stuff yesterday. Stuff that upset a lot of people. For what...eish...I'm not sure.
Is it not under this same president that I now hear a lot about what-what illegal dog hunting and people keeping the dogs in dirty conditions?
I believe all the President saying is: Please don't put Ausi Mavis in the back of your bakkie. Its not nice and Aunty Mavis doesn't like it.
Yes,we know she's been 'fine' with it for many years. And that you are doing her a favour by driving her to the taxi. Yes,we also know the neighbour's maid has to rrrrun to the train. However,as one who has sat with countless Ausi Mavises, I am agreeing with the President. Ausi Mavis doesn't like it. Humans before dogs. The line about dogs not hurting or raping people is silly. Neither does Mavis hawu.

Sometimes when someone points out something that you grew up with,keep quiet,think it over. Now everyone is talking about the President's stupidity and him wearing Italian clothes and using computers. Heeey,what about the dog in the front seat as Ausi Mavis boggles around the uncomfortable back of your bakkie in the wind and the rain? Let your Louis sit in the back ma'am.That thing is a dog.woof-woof. Stop treating it like a person. It was custom built by God to endure wind and rain. Let it experience dog things. Maybe this is why some kids grow up then when they're gatvol of men screw the dog(literally). They might not recognize the hound as an animal anymore. Just maybe...y'know.
I have a dog maan,it doesn't lick my lips. That's unsanitary sisi,not love.

Back to Ausi Mavis. Vele you don't see any problem with that scenario? If you saw your neighbour driving Mavis to the train in the cold with Louis in the front seat would you wave and bless her good heart? *shakes head*
That's what the president meant.
Ausi Mavis doesn't like it!

About the lotions and weaves not making you white.(Please read that line again)
Ok. What's wrong with that line? Is it a false statement? Are people not allowed to make true as a square is square statements anymore? Why are you offended if you never used makeup to make yourself white? Gosh,that's a tad bit too much sensitivity. If you don't carry Ausi Mavis in the back of a van in the rain and you,like me, straighten your hair cos you like it that way and are not trying to be white...why are you angry? Hawu. I have an uncle who keeps telling me 'this white hair of mine what-what' every time he sees me. The hair resembles that mostly seen on fairer than me people. That's what my uncle means when he calls it 'white' hair. Were you not aware that it very much resembles that which grows naturally from the scalps of those people that are fairer than you after you relaxed your hair? I was. And its ok. I'm not trying to be them. I just like MY hair straight.
Msholozi may not have been able to tactfully address these things in a way that the people who do practice them don't see it as an attack but as one elder Zulu man's personal opinion. Both these opinions I have heard some black people voice at some or other point in my galavants.
Jeez, I'm certain all these humane people that are up in arms have also felt sorry for an Ausi Mavis sitting in the back of the bakkie. At least one good thing will come outta this. Less Ausi Mavis' will be exposed to that kind of degradation. Phew. What kind of life is that?
And that's what I have to say about that.

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