Friday, 11 January 2013

I call her what I want.

Nana, my sister's daughter, has two names; Mufunwa, {which means the loved one, the one I love and adore.Mi amorrrrr} and Keamogetswe, which means {keamogetswe, I have been accepted}...lemme not explain this cos when you take these names to English you actually lose the meaning of it. Besides, my blog is not a African language class. Both are beautiful, loving names for an amazing child. 
I gave her the name Mufunwa as soon as I got over the shock of 'ma-sistas-pregnant'. After her birth, her paternal family gave her the name Keamogetswe as is customary for them to name their person. They know the Mufunwa name and love it too, who wouldn't? 
I however, call her Nana mostly, cos she's the cutest Nana everrr. I do randomly also call her Mufunwa and Kea thou.

Yesterday, a conversation with my neighbour who is here to study alerted me to some interesting news. There is a belief at home that I ONLY call her by the name I gave her, Mufunwa. I was like...'Really? I never thought about it. I just call her whatever mos.
It appears the people around me believe I am sort of anti-Kea cos 'its not my name'. Apparently everyone calls her Kea until I arrive. Then she's Mufunwa for the duration of my stay. Really? I never knew. Everyone calls that child whatever I thought. My neighbour and my sister tell me they have never heard me call the child Kea.

This made me think of something, when you expect something of someone; when you have conditioned your mind to creativity that involves another, your mind will block out that which is not expected and you will only see what you want to see. 
This is not a scientific fact, its just something I have concluded myself, which would by virtue of what is says, mean I also conditioned my mind to see things this way. Ok. Enough attempted deepness.
My family and those around me probably never even 'hear' me call the child Kea at the times that I do cos they only expect the dramatic-anti-Kea rebel to prevail whenever I address the kid. 
Me? I'm totally unaware.

I reminded my neighbour of Nana's door plaques that I bought. Initially, I bought her a wooden K and after that, I got one specially made for her by Ilze at Tulips&Grace. It says Kea's Cocoon. At this reminder, she drew a long 'oooooohhhh, ende mani, if you didn't like the name it would've said Mufunwa's Cocoon' 
Had Logic been invited to these she-hates-the-name-Kea-caucuses, someone would have noticed that I actually don't even think of these name things. Its one mini-person we're referring to anyway.

This analogy can be used in most things in life. If you expect someone to make mistakes, you will probably never acknowledge their good- even if it hits flat on your face. 
Using logic would help a lot if you find yourself constantly waiting for someone to make a wrong move. Getting a life would also help. 
If the person you are persecuting is a colleague, rather get you boss to include this stalker tendency you are adopting included in your performance contract so when you watch them like a hawk, you can get points too y'know...I'm jussayin playa.

 Happy logical Friday!

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