Friday, 11 January 2013

Wozani eKapa bo bangane! iMango ihlalile for DAYZ!

Living in Cape Town with a child and friends in Limpopo and Gauteng respectively, I naturally fly a lot. I’m literally up and down almost on a 6 weekly basis. To me, this is a lot less than I need to given the importance of the people on the other side. A 6 weekly mother is not exactly my idea of the most present mother. 
However, it is what it is. There’s leave days to consider and the high costs of travelling all crammed into my mustard seed budget.

I am always in the red when it comes to leave days as a result of this arrangement. I am also always in the red with friends who I may not get to see in my rush to get home to Renda. Fortunately, most of them understand that any day I take from my work is for Renda, but then again I have the unashamedly selfish ones who grab me and coax (and may even intoxicate) me til I can’t move on and visit the ones I still didn't see.

Since Gugu discovered the charms of Cape Town she is constantly looking for flight sales so she can come for a quickie holiday nyana. She has no issues with leave days as she practically NEVER took leave before this Cape Town epiphany. On bringing up the holiday need again today, I logged on to to see if there’s a sale on. Boy is there one! R699 has become the new cheapie with flights and flymango can dish R699 for days! Whoohoooo!!

When I got to Cape Town I was sceptical about using a flight with a name similar to a fruit. I also didn't really like Kulula...but, they were always cheaper than 1Time and SAA sooo... 
You know, when I got here, I'd fly up to go do my hair in Joburg. Kulula would throw R399 specials...which made my round trip R800. Damn, I went up for drinks,nje. I missed my friend, flights werecheap, I booked and went. I didn't really care much about leg space and dirty seats. It wasn't a cross-Atlantic flight and gosh...its just a taxi in the air. Sooo...

These days Kulula has delussions of being a 1st class plane shem. Their prices are hilarious for the service they offer. Worse still, they only allow one 20kg bag as luggage. Previously, one was allowed to wrap 2 bags together and that entire +-10kg mix would be counted as 1 bag. It was Kulula officials who advised me to do it that way on a day that they were refusing to take my 7kg bag together with the shoe bag I was taking it with. This made me reluctant to book with them.
My desperation led me to book a Kulula flight a few months back. It was at the bag drop that I found out I'd have to pay R250 for my second bag as I can only check in a 20kg bag. I had already wrapped my two bags together as previously advised by Kulula staff.
Umm... do any of you own such a bag? WoW. My two bags together did not even weigh 10kg. I threw the-mother-of-all-twang-fits right there and my bag went in. I haven't booked their flights since.

So yeah, book tickets for DAYS my friends! Its still summer in Cape Town and I wanna show off my new body to you on the beachhhh!

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