Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Guys, I am extremely stressed. I don't have anything that fits in my cupboard. Yes, there's clothes-but nothing fits.
I decided to unpack my unrest here. Perhaps reading it will help me see the ridiculousness of it all.
Heart palpitations, a feeling of scaredness. A lump in my throat, a sort of hysteria grapple me whenever I feel I have nothing to wear. I'm serious.

Rido, the teen that's here with me, says it happens to a lot of people. Its a crises people!
Not having anything to wear has always scared me. But never to the extent that it has grown to now. I literally am so scared of it, I would rather take on the task of smoking out my bees myself-than even think of it. Ok, I guess I do have to think of it...I am now.
I have come a looong way since deciding to lose weight. The problem is, even as I was exercising like a freak, I never stopped my incessant shopping. So I have looots of clothes, in bigger sizes. Great.(did I really just do that to myself?)

I think a quick solution to this would be me getting a new basic wardrobe...and the frills...and underwear...and shoes...lots. Damn.
Then maybe I won't feel so frustrated,cos I'd have lots of clothes. But...I can't afford much...ever. Damn.
So what do I do.
I think I've just thunk myself into confusion. This thinking process sometimes sucks.
I think I'm doomed to run through malls in almost dementia tearing thru their racks for affordable dresses...its always better to get a dress when you don't have much I've realised. Cos its a one piece outfit. Plus dresses are super cool I think. So ladylike...I mean, boys can never wear em!

Mmmm...I wish I had a dress now. For tomorrow actually. I can't really buy one today. Really,really.*breathes out heavy*
Annyway...I'll be fine. Its not about what I wear. I am not my clothes.
Teeeheeeheee. I DO love them thou. Who cares anyway.
I. Wish. I.Had. A. DRESS!

Its a good thing I'm driving myself to frustration now. Then I'll just work with what I have...y'know.
Having a Wardrobe Crisis hasn't yet been classified as an acceptable reason for being late it seems. I think it should fall into the same categories as traffic delays, early school meeting delays and such y'know. Cos...its real. Well. I won't have it tomorrow cos I'm getting up and sorting myself up now!

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