Thursday, 17 January 2013

The guys I dated who didn't date me.

*clears throat*
A few days ago, Sizwe Mabena, the sport anchor on the First Avenue on Metro FM dissected what 'dating' and 'hanging out' is. According to himself and speaking on behalf of most guys in general. (Please note I am trying hard here to exempt Sizwe from being crucified for speaking for everyone.)

For most ladies, with myself as my own biggest example for this piece, it may at times seem intimacy with a male that goes beyond that shared between 'just friends'; (which to me should end with hugs and cheek kisses, kiss on the lips for the more risque ones), can quickly transform an innocent, happy acquaintance into a living nightmare of a hallucination filled one sided relationship. An extremely one sided one at that.

Sizwe suggests most women confuse 'dating' and 'hanging out'. He agrees with my belief that for many men, sex is mostly physical while for women it isn't so much about the physical. Its so emotional and so gorgeous and almost celestial (with me that is). So for me and other similarly wired women, once we get intimate-the mind releases crazy hormones that insist he must...y'know...feel something for me...*blush*

Else why would he smooch and make out with me? I wouldn't just do it mos. But of course, I'm not a guy.

'Hanging out' is when you go to dinners, parties, braais, make out or even go further-you hang and everyone sees ya'll together, but you never get bored together. Sizwe says when you do all those things, but take it further to just chilling and getting bored together-then its dating. Hmmm. 
It now seems I have 'dated' a few more guys than guys who have dated me.Eisan
. Its embarrassing. 
I truly was not aware I wasn't being dated by you and you and you brother.

Some guys play this to their advantage.  By actually playing along, leading the lady on til she gets a lil attached and then pull back. Shem. I guess I understand from the guy's perspective how it would be very hard to y'know, cut the delusional chick you actually do enjoy hanging with off. Awkward.
Very awkward neh.

I think people that have always known where they stand and don't have brains as creative as mine when it comes to romance things are very blessed. It does make my life lively and blissful for the time that bubble is in full blown, fluffy pink mode thou. Crushes aren't age dependant it seems. I wonder if they end once people get into committed relationships. Aretsi.

Lemme go lust over the unattached Sanlam Hottie quick before I spill summin on my top.
Laters  (No I didn't read that book)

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