Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The voices.

No one can MAKE me do anything I don't wanna do. (except 'the voices' of course)
Why do I call them 'voices'? A voice has a sound mos. An audible sounds that can be heard through a person's auditory organs, otherwise known as ears.
Ok. So since I can't really 'hear' them (cos that would mean I'm cray), they aren't really voices right? Ok, but they are not people either...cos then I'd have lotsa different ID numbers...which may or may not be cool...I dunno.

You may be wondering if I've completely lost my marbles...or if I'm confirming your 'chino, you're not well' line. I dunno. I don't have an MMed(Psych)so I can't really say. But then again, even if you didn't mos check me Grey's Anatomy style.

I like the voices. Some call it multiple personalities...other (less intelligent ones with limited knowledge) immediately run to 'bipolar' unimaginative

Actually, I think one or two of 'the voices' might be bipolar(tripolar perhaps?) do I treat them and not affect myself...and the other healthy 'voices'?

Today, there's this mean biatch running the show in  my head. I'm so scared of her I sommer hide away and let her be. Its probably cos of the irritating flight issues we had last night. I was to land at 7pm, instead, I had to endure 6 gruelling hours on the plane cos FlyMangoSA had technical issues. To add insult to my first day of 2013, I had a kid in the seat behind me who decided to exercise her frustration by kicking the seat in front of her.
Her doting mother clearly thought it was so cute cos she sat there like a statue during this display of no manners. That's until I turned around,gave the brat a stare and told her I'd dig her eyes out. When the mother tried to open her face hole, I calmly told her 'its yours, not ours'.

Phela that child is still very young, I wasn't part of the 10minutes of pleasure that made the thing, why must I endure the torture of its tantrums? Ishh. You know, I know kids that know to bank their tantrums til they get home. My son would NEVER misbehave like that. Thank goodness for mothers that teach children manners.

The other voices were in control yesterday so besides one or two rants on twitter, I passed the 'Patience in 2013' test with flying colours. I still didn't decide what to call the voices...what a waste of a thinking session. All it reminded me of is that irritating baby. 
Anyway, unless you absolutely must talk to me...rather stay away and have a merry second day of the year.

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