Wednesday, 22 May 2013

So tasteless...*aarghh*

The information era has brought with it wonderful perks besides the obvious ones like instant messaging, Twitter etc. One signs up and becomes the Queen of their page. You can be who you want. Expose what you want your people to see without the risk of them immediately calling you out on your exaggerated weight loss or size of your garden as shown on the picture you posted.

This has in turn fed and inflated another fundamental human need,the need for attention. In the beginning, Facebook got all the crap. Your soaring career, your new car, your hot boyfriend. All these were overloaded onto Facebook. It became tasteless, people left it. So now Facebook is usually for showing family photos, a few parties...all 'nonchalantly' posted. We likes that.
Twitter is Celebville. You get kudos just for having an account. Then its the hard work of getting followers without seeming like you're putting too much effort into it. 
BBM usually has close family and friends so there its more acceptable to put your new bag or car up and not be seen as bragging.
All these posts bring attention.

I love attention. I blog,that's a sure attention grabbing exercise that ensures someone has sat and heard my opinion and mine only.
The people I roll eyes at are those that try so hard to seem to not like attention. My friend likes putting pictures of the sea. Yes,the blue sea. See, she doesn't like attention so she doesn't put her own pictures up. My confusion comes when she puts a picture of the heart shaped foam on her coffee...what's that about? She will keep this picture up for a week, return to the sea picture which will then be replaced by a slice of cake she had when we went out three weeks ago.*shakes head*
This attention dodging friend will then shock you by putting up a picture of her son in an arm sling at a hospital. I was there when that sling was put...about a month ago. Is that picture then put up so people will ask 'What happened'? I find it really tasteless really when people put pictures of themselves in hospital
Aren't there other ways to get this attention?

Someone just put a picture of their newborn with the head cutoff.  Not cut 'chopped' (I hope)...a shoulders down picture of what must be her baby...maybe she did chop his head never know with people who don't like attention hey. 
Besides being gross and giving people a view of your new baby without a head, its just silly. So I suspect the messages she wants to get now are ones where we beg to see the child. I texted her cos its just disturrrbing...I said 'attention seeking?' to which she stuck her tongue out at me. 
I mean...if you're putting the child up just do it already, don't cut his head off just to get attention...unless the child is,even then no maan. 
 Well, I've seen a picture of this gorgeous child so I know its not his unlookable face she doesn't want to show. Its an attention seeking exercise. A human right probably.

I'm just saying, let's get other ways to get attention without using sick kids or chopped-off-heads babies or vials of blood that the doctor just pulled from you.
That goes for baby scans as well. Its God's secret time to mould the baby. The fact that doctors have found a way to peek in is not a licence for you to now let the whole Facebook community see the insides of you. Totally tasteless I say.
I'm done.

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