Thursday, 4 July 2013

Gifts, a stokvel apparently!

Tjo guys! I see from social networks MetroFm spoke about friends and gifts they bring to wedding showers.
So,it seems the general 'etiquette' is that it operates like a stokvel. Heheheehe. I generally don't go to showers. Baby showers and weddign showers. It isn't because of gifts, its just toooo much work than I can fit in. I do try go to weddings though. Maybe its cos I live far so I just can't even consider it knowing my pocket.

It seems however, there's an obligation tied to these events. Tjooo. Even when I lived in Joburg I never bothered. Can you imagine, its a dress and shoes...then a gift. Azwi ngo dala vhoo? (Isn't that a lot???). Maybe I just live in an alternate universe where I don't think people that are planning a big event that costs sooo much as a wedding need me to bend over backwards and get them a solar dome...Ju know...I mean...if I can, sure...but in my world gifts that pricey are not expected and have never been received from a female.

On top off all that I got a dress! Do you know how hard it is to find a dress one finds honourable enough for a wedding? Its sooo much effort. Like, aren't you sposed to be just happy you're marrying the love of your life? I think its too much pressure on other people. I don't put people under pressure to get my son gifts. It should come from the heart. See something and get it for your friend! I shouldn't have a bad month cos you got married. I mean, you will be ballin and happy...aaaii my friend...if I got you a vaddoeks set and you feel I insulted you and you may return the exact same ones shem. Aaahhh...
So much pressure? For your wedding? My friend let's just be happy. I love you and what I'm ggiving is what I can give. If I could I'd make you wake up in a Bugatti...but I don't have manje I must be ridiculed for that?
Iyho. Get married when I'm rich if my gift matters that much...or if you want a solar dome so it...I mean...y'know.

*grins insanely*
No one ever bought Renda socks so you shall pick you jaw up shemmm...don't get married to get gifts and stop pressuring other people!shooo!safaaa!

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