Friday, 5 July 2013

The Mandela saga. yhuuuuu!!!

Yhuu guys! Did you hear Mandla Mandela yesterday? Tjooo! How can someone say such deep stuff juring THE WHOLE WORLD???
Yooooo! That was the outburst of all outbursts of all time!!!

Just yesterday, my uncle was pleading with me to practise restraint in the situation I'm in. When I'm hurt I can yap! I told him its unfair that I am taught how to react so as to keep things 'comfortable' for whoever hurt me. Now I get what he meant, Mandla's the perfect example of what outburst can do to one. Who will listen to him after behaving like an irate child?

Ok, those of you who aren't aware of what happened this is it:
Mandla Mandela, the grandson of Tata Mandela, had in 2011 exhumed the remains of his father, Makgato Mandela, his aunt who died in infancy, Makaziwe and his other other uncle, Thembi who died in a car accident. He had moved them to his village Mvezo, where Tata was born. They were coming from Qunu, where Tata grew up and still lives.
Why its a big deal where they're buried is because Tata wants to be buried with his kids.
Why that matters is wherever Mandela will be buried, there'll be a museum and that means money for bosso. Sooo...Makaziwe, Mandla's living aunt and his brother Mbuso have now taken him to court to bring the bodies back. He refused. So the court went and took them. I tell you they had to break the gate locks to gain entrance. World cameras around and all! Drama!

Anyway, the bodies were exhumed and tested to make sure they're the right ones and then reburied in Qunu. Okaaay, Mandla had said he'll hold a press conference to tell his side of the story on why he had exhumed the bodies in the first place. Okay.

So you know the world media is here mos. Like...they're not even gon get it 2nd they're here!
Mandla calls the press and starts talking!
Tjoooooo!!!What came out :-o

Mkaaaay! Mandla SAYS:
He says Mbuso and his aunt's reasons for wanting the graves exhumed nowwww are curious and reminded us that they were still embroiled in a court order fighting to control his grandfather's assets. sad
Anyway, he brought up the paternity issue of his son that came out last-yearish and then died down. Yep. He says Mbuso, his brother fathered his son with the exotic woman from Reunion Islands he married.

Then, he said actually his 2 brothers are not his father's children...tjooo. Ndaba has said MandLa was born out of wedlock neh. Mandla felt that was an insult to his mother and wasn't true. Sooo, he said Ndaba's mom was married to another man when she fell pregnant with his dad, Makgato's child; ie Ndaba. Was that necessary in explaining why he exhumed the bodies?

He went on to tell us he is unable to have children!!!and that the kid must be tested.
He urged his aunt Makaziwe to concentrate on her own family cos mos she's married. I think that's right thou. I wonder what her new family thinks of their makoti getting involved in Mandela issues. Mandla got his chieftainship cos Tata felt he was too old and as the next in line, Mandla got it.
In other news, Makaziwe went and told the Daily Mail that she doesn't think her father loves her. She went and spoke of an 'awkward' Madiba who is unable to express love to his family. That's not the view we have of Mandela. I was watching Happy Endings the other day and one woman complimenting her boss said 'You have the heart of Nelson Mandela and the arms of Michelle Obama'...isn't that just the ideal combination???
Well, Makaziwe has issues with her dad like that.

It hurts me that the old man's money has led to him being disrespected like this. There's an open letter telling them to calm themselves out. South Africans are embarrassed by this vulture like fighting that's happening in public from such a prestigious family. I think they shoulda stuck to their secret meetings and not made us have anything bad to say about the Mandela name. They are tarnishing his name guys.
 Anyway, the drama's intriguing and my jaw is on the floor everytime an update comes in.

At least I learnt a lesson here...restraint may not be easy, but its a necessary skill to learn. Tjooo!

Graca spoke yesterday. Ever so gracefully. Ever so strong. I think this was the 1st time she spoke since the old man was hospitalised. So put together this woman!

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