Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Common sense: Watch your diet

I have this irritating habit of trying to always help. I budge in with tidbits of advice at the most inappropriate times. I am working on it though, so I'll be fine...let people work through their own things. I have come to understand that sometimes people don't need my advice...just my ear.

Common sense is not always common. A cliche sentence mostly used to ridicule someone who does something considered silly by others that don't do it. Its one thing when someone is doing something with a full spectrum of what the consequences of that action will be versus someone who clearly may not have considered a certain result of that same action.

Like the thing of parents who don't take their girl children for birth control when they hit their teens. It may be a religion thing or refusing to accept that people live their own lives and their daughters may choose different paths to those they did or do they 'just not think their kids will have sex'? People don't discuss such things at coffee machines. Those who do think of it either choose to not do it for their own reasons or take the easy way out of premature grandchildren, birth control.

 One thing I wish someone had budged into my life with was the food issue. I used to eat a lot of junk. Pizza, cheeseburgers, rack ribs, pasta, steaks, dessert. If its bad for you, name it I had it in bulk. And that, at the most inappropriate times-evenings. Then I'd starve myself all day just to repeat the cycle the next night. Sometimes I'd be with Gugu, and she'd sit and drink warm water as I chugged down litres of Coke. To her, I knew what I was doing.

Well, I didn't. Sometimes people just don't know. I didn't know Coke had too much sugar and didn't really count as hydrating yourself. Now that I am more aware of such I notice when friends quietly cut out carbs from their lunches. Order water or gin instead of cocktails. Everyone does it. Its common sense. Being aware of what is going into your body.
When clothes start feeling tight, you drink lots of water, walk a bit more and cut down your portions. Its supposed to be common sense. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't.

So, I'm just saying...if you have your size 36 wardrobe and wanna keep it...when you feel you may have to buy a 38...make a conscious decision to cut down food portions, drink water, exercise a lil and you'll be back to normal in a few weeks. There I go dishing out advice again. Well...its not like I'm guiding you to jump off a cliff...so, its all well.

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