Tuesday, 12 November 2013

What's in a pronounciation

Hermes, Bvlgari, Yves Saint Laurent, Nike. Most of us are unsure how to pronounce all these words. Something as simple as Nike. An American brand; therefore the name is American. When they pronounce it, they draw out the 'e' like it has a 'y' at the end, so 'nigh-key'. I once said it that way and my friend was like 'dude, you haven't lived a day in the states and this is how you pronounce 'Nike'???
I got what he was talking about. But...is he really right? Something like Hermes...though silent letters aren't a new thing to my South African vocab, new words with silent characters are now just thrust at us via these China stockists who may or may not even know how to say the name themselves. So many sisters don't only carry a fake Hermes bag, they give the brand a whole new name...probably appropriate come to think of it. (It is pronounced 'air-mezz' by the way)...
Anyway, I digress.

My name is Tshinondiwa(Chi-noh-ndeeh-wah). I don't get a fit when someone calls me Cheesondiva (which happens more often that you'd imagine), however,in an effort to stop the butchering of my beautiful name, I correct the person. Many uncomfortable non-Vendas have had to wince their way thru my unique name on the phone. This while trying their best to sound totally unindending to insult me...it certainly isn't an Mpho or Sally. Not too many Tshinondiwa's around either. It is important to me that someone calls me properly. 

Though it may not stop bad relations between North Korea and South Korea, it is sorta important to me that I and mine don't disrespect the great creatives who gave these names to the brands that we now so love and wanna get. Its not being fake or twanging unnecessarily, its just calling it what it is. I mean...why not??? You don't call David 'duh-viyd' even though one who doesn't know the pronounciation may maybe say it.
All these words one can learn from flipping through a Vogue once in a while, or just good ol Google. Or going to the shops and asking them there...unless your shop is a friend who visited China and sold you a R50 bag for R2000.

As for those who believe it don't matter how I say it as long as I can afford it, good on you sister...I should have that bag instead. I respect it and its maker waaay more than you do. 

Happy Tuesday!

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