Monday, 2 December 2013

Choices and consequences

Not affording to do something and doing it is quite a dangerous game it seems. Take for example Chino. Chino is overweight (not obese) and wishes to lose weight and tone her body. Now look at Chino’s supper. 
A scrumptious Hudson’s burger with side sweet potato wedges. To down this, Chino orders a second extra long Long Island tea. Logic already shows you the amount of calories Chino is taking in at this time of the night is definitely not so for her wish to be leaner. With about 3500(possibly more) calories packed in her dinner tonight, well…lets see her burn it in one lousy Zumba session. This one meal alone, has the same amount of calories as she burns in…a week or so with the routine she does. That’s deep.
The result: Chino will be fat.
I guess the same goes for bank accounts. If Chino chooses to indulge in a new pair of crystal heels and she knows she’s dipping into credit by doing so…well…she’s gonna suffer the consequences later. Its gonna be ugly. And the friendly banker is gonna be the metaphorical cellulite on Chino’s bum(back), wanting the bank’s money plus interest.

Its all about choices. And acknowledging that for every choice we make. There are consequences. In everything, choose wisely.

 I am tempeted to use YOLO in both these instances...
*sips Long Island*

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