Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Please return my Tupperware,its mine...lets just ne...please

Today I said something I never thought I’d find myself saying. As I was pulling out a Tupperware to put the leftovers from breakfast I’d just had with my friend, I turned to her from the kitchen and said ‘Dude, please bring back my tupperware’. She laughed cos…lets face it…duuude…It’s a container she used a few weeks ago to take some snacks we had. There was never an intent to not bring it back. But here we are, me missing one tupperware and noticing it cos I need it now.
I’ve heard these words before. Growing up, some adult aunt (the prissy one) would say them to another at a random time and an awkward silence would follow. The one who has the Tupperware probably just forgot to bring it back and were not like trying to steal it y’know.
Well, I was in that awkward position to say those dreaded words today.

 I myself try very hard to return people's stuff that may be left at my place as soon as possible. I don’t believe in finder’s keepers at this age. Like really, do you really think your friend is laughing off you finding keeping her designer sunglasses she forgot in your car as she sees you rockin them on Instagram? They cost R3000 and unless your friend is a Kardashian-like kinda person, its probably not an everyday purchase

That is how I feel about my Tupperware not being brought back. Am i now to buy a new set to avoid this embarrassing follow up? Its a lot of work. And very uncomfortable for me to even start the conversation that we shouldn't be having. The absence of one in my cut down collection of crap I shouldn't have too many of is an inconvenience to me. It doesn't matter that I can use another container, I shouldn't have to mix colours in my fridge.
So, let’s try by all means to return these kinda things and avoid awkwardness around us.


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