Thursday, 5 December 2013

Renda wanga, marching on to grade 2

Renda, today your grade 1 report came out. 
Your 1st big school assessment. 
You passed!!!

I had held my breath for this result all day! I assess you on a whole different level to what the school system does. Its silly and pretty useless in the long run but it has to be done. You my dearest boy, did it and got thru this 1st of the 7 grades you will have to go thru before you go to a school system i prefer.

You are a bright boy with a fascinating mind. Mature even for your y years. Independent yet sweet and appreciative at the same time. Able to cower down and be Kea's donkey for hours on end. Yet able to assume big boy responsibilities when with the same Kea at the aquarium or park. Inquisitive about things only you like.
You understand in an incredible way what it means to allow people to live their lives. I love that about you!
Today,I celebrate you boy. Your first outside endeavor you took on your own. 
My very own son on your way to grade 2.
Mami is very very proud of you Renda.

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