Sunday, 8 December 2013

For the married man

I do not wish to be the fuel that reignites your love for your wife. With me being left empty and alone.
I do not wish to be your different experience. Your short break. Your naughty phase.

I also do not wish to be the reason another woman carries sadness in her eyes. The one that starts with doubt...even though she doesn't yet know. She will know when you have been with me. We are intuitive creatures. 
I am very aware I owe her nothing and my happiness is more important to me than hers. But I don't wanna 'win' over her in love. 
My logic tells me even if you stay with me and leave her,nothing will stop you from replacing me like you are attempting to do her.

I am not a side dish.
Your infatuation with me is flattering. On deeper thought thou, it becomes quite insulting.
You can't have me married man.
I am not that to you. 
You say you love me...I say,clearly not enough. Sort your ish out then come to me.

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