Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The choices others make and how they affect me

Everyone in your life is living their own life. Sometimes one tends to forget this simple obvious fact of life. People make choices for their lives depending on what they feel is best for them. At times, the people in your life may make choices that may impact you negatively. At this point, one may run to the conclusion that they are bad people or that they are deliberately out to hurt you. 

This kind of thinking is what leads to you hurting more. I choose to believe it isn't so about me when I find myself at the painful side of a friend's decision. I believe my friend made a conscious choice to do what's best for them...of course they knew it may affect me negatively, but...one can't live their life soft-cushioning others. They also must do what they feel benefits them most.

As an adult, I teach myself to just be strong, maintain some decorum and never forget that I can remove myself from any situation I find unfavourable to my happiness. Sticks and stones may break my bones but others lives will never truly hurt me. That way, I can let people live their lives and do what's best for them.
It isn't about how they affect me. 

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