Thursday, 2 January 2014

Killing people is unacceptable!!

Killing someone is dumb. How does it make sense that their death will improve your life? There's those who kill people to shut them up cos they know things that could destroy them. That's why we don't hang out with shady characters who do things they know are wrong and expect us to just be their friggin Dear Diary.

Its the 'killing out of anger' that annoys me most. Whatever it is that you know that person did does not affect you physically, cannot be changed by their death and you 'getting even' with them, will definitely not revive your bruised ego.
Such decisions as deciding when another should exit are not light.

Growing up is realising that some things are just not for us to even think we can just do nje cos we have rights. The world is not your mother's house where you can have your own way whenever. Chill...and stop getting angry like you aren't well in your head. Even thinking 'I could kill him' should just not go into your head when someone upsets you. Tantrums that lead to killing are just unacceptable...nogal killing one who was once a friend. 

Grow up,you can find other ways to find peace with whatever situation you're in. That person does not control you that much. 

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