Monday, 20 January 2014

Lets blame the ex girlfriend

I blame the ex-girlfriend for men who still can't kiss or stroke a woman right at this age. What has been happening all this time mara???

My friend is complaining about this new guy she has who apparently pinches and nudges painfully as foreplay. I've also had weird experiences on the rare times that I got off my high horse and let myself loose enough to have sex. In fact, I am starting to think bad sex is what makes me just decide to leave the whole messy issue.
Don't get me wrong, I have had explosive, toe wiggling, thigh trembling sex. I've also had moments where I'm in that bed thinking what the hell is happening here...or WHAT is he doing.

My friend says she decided to fake it with this guy so he could just get off and she could bake a cake or dust a cabinet or something. Anything to get over the humiliation of taking her undies off for what just happened. That's what usually ends up happening isn't it? 
Its just too much work and perhaps as women with our caring lil hearts we feel sorry for this man's ego and just fake it. Isn't it funny how no one has to teach women how to fake it? I read somewhere that many women go through life never reaching an orgasm...yet they still lay with that same man every night and never show an indication of their sexual dissatisfaction. I guess love trumps good sex any day.

It seems men are excited by the belief that they are satisfying a woman. And when we let them believe they are, the cycle continues and generously blessed men go through life believing size matters and they are God's gift to women because to them, penetration is THE way to satisfy a woman.

Can you imagine what a happy world we'd live in if women stopped faking it and showed men what pleasures them? I understand its always different strokes for different folks but pinching?? Is it 50 Shades part 2?
 Its the same with kissing. I've dated a man who, though 10 years older than me, would take the act of kissing as his opportunity to lodge his fat tongue in my throat and like a snake do weird things that were not only disturbing but also made me wanna gag and die at the same time.

So all the years before me, he had been doing that to women and they, like me, pretended to not find it weird and ended up subjecting ourselves to that torture many times a day. Shem he was sweet though.

I get that great sex takes having an emotional relationship with your partner as you have a connection of sorts and when a woman is in 'connection' it becomes very easy to please her gentlemen. 

I also get that not faking it and maintaining that hard to keep 'I'm just not feeling it' face may work against us. It may call upon the Casanova to do a second attempt with a flaccid penis that he prays will attend the party, or worse, the dreaded post-coital finger up yours. Where do men get these things thou? Porn films? Or am I being uptight again?

I blame the women before us for this trauma.
WHY hasn't anyone said anything???

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