Saturday, 21 April 2012

Giving thanks,even while in pain.

I'm grateful for knowing God is with me even when I don't really feel Him close
I'm grateful for Renda,after all I've done,God blessed me with a gorgeous,smart,kind,respectful son.haleluya.
I am grateful for my job.Lotsa ppl pray for jobs,He gave me a job in a gorgeous city.without my input.He just gave put it in my lap :)
I am grateful for all my human functions,walking,talking,hearing,seeing,touching.
I am grateful for my emotions,when they're low,they hurt,but when they're high,I know I feel like I'm in heaven.
I am grateful for my big heart that shares my friends' pain and hopefully eases the load for them.
For the love I am capable of giving.It hurts when it is rejected,but when I give it, I feel free and closest to God.
I am grateful for my education.By world standard,its very minimal,limited,but I knw,in God,its what I need to be where He wants me.
I am grateful for my faith.As much as right now I feel it isn't serving me,I also am aware it isn't there to serve me. I have it in order to serve God with it. God,thank u for my inbedded faith. Regardless how low I feel, faith is there. It never leaves me. Meaning, God doesn't really ever leave me.

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