Sunday, 15 April 2012


 I smoke a lot.Especially on weekends. I spend a lotta time alone and just smoooke and smoke,even when I don't need to smoke.Its like something to do.
Now,I know this is bad for me.And I HATE it!I HATE smoking!I HATE that sooo dependant on it!I mean,when you're dependant on cigarrettes you're a slave!a slave to this stupid hot piece of foam-cum-some leaves at the end!Its crazy,I am never without cigarrettes,EVER!I wish I could stop.I know my lungs are probably messed up already,but for my freedom,I really should get up and do something about quitting and stop just promising myself 'last pack'.
I must do this for me.
Cos...I decided to love myself...all the whle I was looking for the perfect partner so that I could be the perfect girl for that person. But I need to be that person for me 1st.So must quit smoking.(It ties up,in my head,trust me).
Aaaanyway,I'm sitting in the dark now.Maybe I should get up,get the lights and...I nothing...maybe get clothes for tomorrow.Its a Monday.I wanna look dashing,sexy-professional-chic!YEAHHHH!!!

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