Friday, 3 August 2012

Don't show too much,its REALLY scary

I love clothes!
Oooh I love I scour the internet, magazines, streets, shops for gorgeous clothes daily. Gorgeous clothes and home designs actually. I am constantly on FTV or Style Network. I dream looks!
I believe (so do others) I have a good eye for good clothes. Being a + sized woman, I am also very conscious of body types and what shouldn't be seen on who. Like jumpsuits-the spandex ones...on me...
Of course I was a victim of the muffin top, bulging-oros-look, jeans with no belt that have traumatised many by forcing them a view of my crack, other men have even got to feast on the sight of my supple deriere(thanx for the gift mma). However, I have reformed and in a big way.
The problem I think, was that I was dressing for fashion. I wanted to wear what the models were wearing, like I did before Ze Fat y'know. Alas, unless you got a Kim K body, stay away from bandage dresses. It may be the most gorgeous, most expensive dress but it just won't miraculously sculpt you!

Going thru the internet looking at clothes definately does not make me the Coco Chanel of fashion...but, I think if you're clueless-rather do hear others (me) out and make your decision after that.
You know, if we stopped thinking negative about people 1st...things would be awesome. I mean, if I didn't like you I probably wouldn't be talking to you in the 1st place...sooo, the comment or suggestion I may make is not from a negative place. Its from love.

My cousin, who is extremely fat, deleted me off Facebook and BBM after she had posted a picture of herself with 97% of her floppy,with-spots,eeeuuuwy boobs on her profile. People, mostly men, went CRAZY over the pic <he-he,u luk yummy mummy; stunning; DairyBelle>. I bbmed my cousin and nicely asked if she's pleased with the responses to her picture. She asked me why I'm asking such. I then said at our age, I do not think it wise to expose such on a public platform. Guys LOVE boobs, no matter how they are (as was proven in this case). Its like, if you're gonna unleash a D class Clover Factory on a pride of street cats-of course they're gonna lurrrve it. *eeeeuuwww*
She told me its her body and these guys like things. She's making them suffer. She meant suffer as in they'll look at her boobs and get hard-ons and have wet dreams about her. I told her she did accomplish her goal then, even with women. I nicely told her the picture was 'traumatising'...I didn't think she'd think I was dissing her! I wasn't.

See, my cousin failed to see that I was speaking from a place of love. I truly hate it when people 'love' a person by lying to them. These same people may end up laughing at the same person. Its the same reason we are assulted by bulging mikhavhas (bellies) out of skinny jeans and tight tops. The friends dear friends! The friends LIE to the other children. So when I come with this unexpected truth, I am the baddie. But, how would that truth be unexpected though? The mirror never lies shem. Never ever ever.
Rabe says its people that don't care about othes and that don't want you to look good that do such. I agree.

Does this make me opinionated? Overly opinionated? I guess my input should be reserved til its asked for, that's the proper thing to do. The sad thing is, I struggle with keeping quiet and watching someone be ridiculed or place themselves,consciously, in public as a not nice spectacle. Some people get payed to look silly y'know...they're called clowns and they're found at the circus. I don't patronise people. My comments are honest (most times). I hate being patronised too. Its better for 1 person to tell me the truth than have me believe I'm the sheeeets and have 100 more people see my O-o-o-o-Oros look. I think I may say all these things because was that muffin-top woman before.Thanks to this journey, I'm not anymore. I used to FLIP when my mom told me I was exposing oo much. Thought she was old and knew nothing,after all,'I was waring something like what Beyonce had on' *blink-blink*. When you're in the muffin top,you are unenlightened shem. Come to me sisi, I'll help you. Or we'll find help for you together. (an exposed crack looks disgusting on skinny people too).

You may wonder why I'm being such a Samaritan-its cos i do not wish for anymore people to have nightmares of fat and stretch-mark borne hips . You know those stretch marks that look like  person was fighting with a cat? Not cool. Meeeaauuww :)


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  2. Hehhehehehhehe i LOVE this POST!! made me lol at the o-o-o-o OROS!!

  3. hahahaaaaaa..... no chomi im dead at "those stretch marks that look like person was fighting with a cat? Meeeaauuww :)"
    hahahaaaaaaa....aaaai mara wena.

    Bebe lol :-)